Enroute to Dehli

Enroute to Dehli
Delhi, India

Delhi, India

The flight situation – Back, window seat rebel with a spare space between the only other passenger in my row and I = winning! When I first booked the India leg of my holiday, it was touch and go as to whether I’d receive my Indian visa on time. Cutting it fine as Indian visas take 6 business days to process and send back with your passport… I made a mere 5.5 non business days left til my proposed fly out date. Instead of mailing the application and in an attempt to have my application fast tracked… on the Monday morning just gone, I got up early (before 6am) and made the drive to Brisbane to lodge my Visa application, directly at the Indian visa office. The first song that played on the radio was MIA’s “Paper Plans” that was featured in rags to riches Indian film, “Slumdog Millionaire”. Since seeing that film, I’ve always associated the song with India. Despite the lady at the Indian Visa office not being able to provide me with a definitive answer as to whether or not I’d get the visa in time, clearly that song was a sign from the Indian gods I was going to get the visa on time right? On Thursday 26th Feb, my visa and passport arrived in the mail and yesterday I began my little adventure. Now, I’m on a 5 hour plane ride from KL to Dehli. Taking advantage of the inflight movies and in (what I thought was) true India style, I started watching (no, not Slumdog Millionaire) “Life of Pi”. Unlike many people, I’m yet to see it… Charming so far…. The Indian version of Tom Hanks, “Cast Away”… But the role of Wilson is played by a tiger… Perhaps this film isn’t really about India… Maybe I need sleep. The turbulence is constant and bounces me like a mother does her child. I’m very sleepy. 4 hours later…. Still on the plane.. I open the plane window and there it is – India. Holy cow! I’m in India!!!!!! And it’s raining with a temp of 16 degree’s? Toto, I don’t think we’re in Cansas anymore.

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