I’m leaving on a jet plane…

I'm leaving on a jet plane…
Klia, Malaysia

Klia, Malaysia

But I’ll be back in a month. So far, my journey has taken me from Brisbane Airport to Kuala Lumpur Airport. Common themes currently noted: 1. Lack of personal space; 2. Lack of sleep; and 3. Lack of Pepsi Max in both airports. I’m an addict get me out of here or get me a PMax stat! The lady I was seated next to on the plane lives in New Zealand and teaches English in China. After teaching in China for 7 years, she admitted this is probably her last semester as she’s tired of the travel. Whilst this lady was nice, her downfall was that despite seeing me with earphones on and deeply engaged in the screen in front of me, she still continued to talk to me as if my earphones and the movie did not exist… We never exchanged names. I liked it that way.

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