Travelling light – Dehli old and new

Travelling light – Dehli old and new
New Delhi, India

New Delhi, India

After a solid night sleep, I still managed to wake up at 6am on my own accord. I went straight to the front desk to ask if the airport had delivered my bags as they promised yesterday. No bags. Went to breakfast and had the tour welcome meeting. Checked on the bag status after breakfast. No bags. As it was still pouring rain, our tour guide, Vansh organised a bus to take us to various sights in Dehli, New Dehli and Old Dehli. New Dehli was very different and resembled some kind of order from the other parts of Dehli experienced yesterday. Our day was filled with travelling from one temple, religious monument, structure/ building to the next. The first temple we arrived at was the Red Fort. Before one enters, they must remove their shoes and if not adequately covering all arms and legs, they must also put on a robe. The red clay tiles were cold and wet beneath my feet. It was windy, drizzling and all that completely overshadowed by the majestic structure surrounding me. Tourists, locals and a large gathering of pigeons are strewn throughout the courtyard that separates the entrance and the main hall. The view from the courtyard is wonderful and allows you to see the new the old and the current India (the good the bad and ugly). Inside the main hall are white marble tiles with designs etched into them. When you look up, you see the ceilings are an artwork on their own. All were grand either in their own way.. Aesthetically, historically, religiously or all of the aforementioned. The rain had even stopped for the second half of the day. Our tour leader was attempting to find my lost luggage. When he asked who I flew with, I realised that it was probably a miracle the whole plane, including myself, wasn’t missing. “Malaysian airlines” I said. Vansh the tour leader replied, “Yes, well, sometimes their planes end up in the ocean”. I can’t argue with facts and trying to argue with the airlines wasn’t going favourably either. Vansh said that my bags should be flying into Dehli tonight and we’d call at 9:30pm to check. Tomorrow we are supposed to leave for our next stop… Correction, my bag and I were supposed to leave but so far looks like it’s just me. I had purchased 9 new pairs of black underwear for this trip and only two were with me in Dehli… It could all have been in vain.. Nothing I can do about it and it could be far worse… I could be taking a **** in a street. As we arrived back at our hotel, the sun was in hiding and the rain clouds were back. It would be another wet evening. Our welcome dinner this evening was pretty good – the dumplings served for dessert – best things since freshly fried donuts. Vansh called the airlines about my bags again – no one answered… So, I sent this SOS Facebook messenger message to my travel agent…

“Hi Kira, Sorry to be bothering you on your personal FB but I can’t use my email account over here without a computer and hotmail etc all want to verify by sending me a txt which I can’t receive as I do not have global roaming. So far, my bag has gone missing between Australia, KL and Dehli – a whole lot of other people have the same issue on the Malaysian airlines flight from Australia on 28 Feb 2015. Filed a report with the airline at the airport and got no where. They rarely even answer the phone and when I did get through, one lady actually hung up on me! Even my tour guide has tried to assist with no luck. Been in the same clothes for 2 days now which I can handle… although these clothes weren’t what I’d wear in 16 degree pouring rain. Camera battery has gone dead and camera charger, camera accessories, shoes, clothes – practical and not, toiletries, medications, make up and even a roll of soft toilet paper are in that one bag. I have two weeks worth of underwear in that bag and some mildly expensive clothes. I can’t make international calls from this hotel either, otherwise I just would have called the travel insurance instead of pestering you. I’ll be leaving Dehli early tomorrow morning and so far, from what I can gather, my bag will not be coming with me. It’s a backpack and I have a picture of it too that I can send through. Not sure what to do but I’m sure you will… Feel free to use my CC details to pay the insurance excess and if possible, Cover More can deposit money into my acct? Okay, bank details are: Bsb- 064424 Acct – 10064523 For the sheer and utter inconvenience and poor service provided by Malaysian Airlines, for any further Malaysian flights I have between now and when I return, I’d ask for them to upgrade my seats to business class and reimburse the insurance excess paid and provide a letter of sincere apology! The jerks. Please work your magic Kira. Eating, praying and hating, India Cheloena”.

Now I’m going to sleep and hoping Krishna is here early with my bags tomorrow morning.

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