Agra to Jaipur

Agra to Jaipur
Lohari Iradatnagar, India

Lohari Iradatnagar, India

Agra to Jaipur. A journey of say 300kms should take approximately 3 hours but in India, multiply that by 2. With a population of around 1.27 billion people and growing, it’s no wonder the rate that the traffic moves is painstakingly slow. Now, when I use the term “traffic”, I could mean any or all of the following: Buses; Trucks; Cars; Motorcycles and mopeds; Cyclists; Cows; Donkeys; Goats; Rickshaws; Camels; Horse/ donkey drawn carts; and Tuk tuk’s….. To the tunes of millions or billions! Most Australians think sharing the roads with cyclists is painful! Try sharing them with all of the above. The most important rule in India is – never hit or harm a cow. Cows are sacred here and, they’re everywhere. Hitting a cow in your vehicle is equivalent to running over an old lady.. And then reversing over her numerous times… If you hit a cow, people can, and will, drag you from your vehicle and beat you to within an inch of your life. In-between the driving to Jaipur, we stopped off to see two other forts. On average, I’d seen 1.5 fortes every day for the past 4 day… I had had my fill of forts and I was forted. Roadside attractions and sights… Saw a guy on the side of the road, hands on his hips, urinating… Urinating with no hands – unbelievable. Arriving in Jaipur on dark, we were hustled to a textile factory where we saw block painting on fabric and carpets being woven. One of the shop keepers rolled out a camel hair rug that took an entire year to make! I bought a beautiful and overpriced pashmina… Was bitter about the price paid but it was/ is, a beautiful pashmina. Jaipur is the capital of the state of Rajasthan and well known for its quality textile production. In 1876 the entire city was painted pink in an effort to make it more presentable prior to a visit from Prince Edward the 7th. A little unnecessary but an interesting fast fact for ya’ll. End of day 4 – still no bag but they are inbound to me from Dehli to Jaipur thanks to my tour and no thanks to Malaysian airlines. 10:30pm – still no bag – f*ckkkk – phone almost dead. 10:45pm – Room phone rings – Bag has arrived. Collect bag – Frantically search for my phone charger and a clean shirt… Don’t even know what else I really needed from this bag.

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