Jaipur to Alsisar – Holi

Jaipur to Alsisar – Holi
Jaipur, India

Jaipur, India

A little about Holi Festival. Holi is a Hindu festival celebrated after the full moon in March each year. Also known as the festival of colour, it is a celebration of good over evil and marks the end of winter. In India, on this day, people put all differences aside (religious/personal/social) and spend the day smearing coloured powder all over each others faces, throwing coloured water at each other, having parties, and dancing to music in the streets. If you want to know more about this festival, I suggest googling it. For those of you who are interested, next year, Holi festival will be held on 24 March and I’m seriously considering attending. 6am, Dressed in white, we made our escape to Alsisar (a small town of around 2500 without diet Pepsi) under the cover of darkness… Although, white clothes, coupled with white skin, in the dark – we were practically a glowing ball of light, begging to have colours thrown at us…. However, that was our intention. It was a five hour bus ride to Alsisar. The bus was where Holi began for me, having bright pink coloured powder smeared over my entire face and not being the slightest bit upset about it (pink isn’t exactly my favourite colour either). The powder smelt like rose water, yet tasted terrible like talcum. Some of us had water pistols filled with coloured water and as our bus drove through the townships, we would open the windows and signal for the young males to come over (as if to be romantically or socially interested in them) and then we’d soak them with our water guns. It was hilarious to see the reactions as most victims did not see it coming. No one was safe. We even got passengers on motorcycles and the attendants at the Toll booths. I kind of feel like the ultimate prankster. The spirit of Holi really takes over… Without even realising, you’re laughing and smiling, playful, plotting and scheming who to attack with colours and water next. It’s a combination of a street party and a food/paint/water fight. Overall, my version of Holi seemed a little less traditional than I’d anticipated and a little more like Holi on steroids. Colours everywhere (in places colour shouldn’t be) and water everywhere. Holi cow! I didn’t see the locals coated anywhere near as thoroughly as we all had been. One girl, Sam, resembled a character from avatar whilst her boyfriend Paul was a full blown, walking, talking, human grape. Poor Ashli and her long, once blonde, Rupunzel locks were now a combination of say… Morticia from the Adams Family and Ursula from the little mermaid.. At least she’s set for Halloween… In October.. Soaking wet with colour caked on, it was time to de-Holi and hit the showers. Colour stained my skin, scalp and hair. My hands and finger nails had seen better days. It was a Holi make under. I once was lost and now I’m found… I once was blonde and now I’m brown… And purple, and pink and red and green despite washing my hair and body more than 10 times. My face and body had a real fluro pink glow about it and the colour wasn’t going anywhere… except for my clothes, towels, bedding and an old grey shirt which I’ve now parted with. All in all, Holi was a success, an experience like no other that I will not soon forget.

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