Final day in India

Final day in India
New Delhi, India

New Delhi, India

Alsisar to Dehli I woke to the sound of Indian music echoing in the streets outside the hotel walls. The group walked around the town for an hour or so after breakfast. It was raw and refreshing to see local people in their environment, going about their daily activities, without swarms of tourists. It would take approximately 7 hours to get back to Dehli depending on traffic. The roads in the first hour of travel were poorly maintained, riddled with pot holes and not typically sealed. 5 hours later and the road conditions still hadn’t improved. My body was being thrown about the bus like a sailor on stormy seas. Driving by signs with head shots of assorted men on them.. I don’t know if they’re wanted posters or political advertisements.. They all look like stern faced, hardened, Indian criminals. Nearing Dehli, it began to rain… Again! Always when I’m in Dehli (because I’m such a Dehli local). Accompanying the rain was a lightning show, so there was a silver lining. The entirety of the day was spent on that bus… Not exactly fun filled or eventful but necessary if we wanted to get back to Dehli to make our departure flights tomorrow. It started to sink in… my India journey was coming to an end and I’d soon be bidding my new friends farewell to embark on my Nepalese mini adventure. So, the results are in on my tally board… Number of people urinating in public: 52+ Number of people pooing in public: 5 Would I go back: Yes, but to different cities. Favourite city: Jaipur. I wish I got to spend more time there. Favourite memories: The Taj, bonfires on eve of Holi, tuk tuk and rickshaw rides, driving through the back streets of Jaipur enroute to the Amber Fort and meeting some quality people. India, it’s been real. Until next time!

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