Flying into Nepal

Flying into Nepal
Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal

Earlier this week, a very well respected and experienced pilot (not) over shot the runway at Kathmandu International Airport causing a shut down and playing havoc on travellers flight plans. Some 4 or more days later, I was stuck in the middle of the ongoing backlog to get into Kathmandu airport in Nepal. My day was spent at an airport, in continuous lines, to get out of Dehli, and then, to get into Nepal. Hours upon hours of standing and toe tapping. I got out of Kathmandu airport with only a few minutes of day light left… And I thought I’d have enough get some sight seeing in ha! No way. Kathmandu is a little nippy in the evening. Still didn’t deter me from hunting for Pepsi Max and then back to my hotel bed I went to get some shut eye for tomorrow. Ermagerrrrrd I’m in NEPAL!!!

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