Kathmandu to Colombo (via Mumbia)

Kathmandu to Colombo (via Mumbia)
Mumbai, India

Mumbai, India

Conclusion of my Nepali mini adventure. Nepal is beautiful. Nepali produce and people are… More preferable in my opinion, than India’s… India trumped Nepal in relation to flavour of food… I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t dreamt about having gulub jamun for dessert (Google it), every night since leaving India. If/ when I end up back in Nepal, I will be doing some trekking… There just wasn’t enough time on this trip for trekking aka “mountain goating”. At Kathmandu International Airport. By the end of today, I’ll be in Sri Lanka, with a quick Mumbai, India stop over in between. Sitting on the plane, the finest 80’s saxophone music is playing, and I’m the meat in a medium sized, married couples sandwich. The husband had a bad case of teachers breath and sat on my left… The wife was on my right, and she infringed on my personal seat space and then used one of my seatbelt straps and sat on her own belt.. I said to the husband, “you can sit next to your wife if you like”… He replied, “No, I prefer it this way”…. You may have noticed as some people get older and hard of hearing, they’ll also become blissfully unaware of their gastro goings on and ever not so subtly, ‘let one or a few rip’… If they can’t hear it, it didn’t happen and we look the other way…. because bless them, they’re old and probably can’t help it. I had somewhat of a similar experience with a middle aged Indian man sitting in the adjoining row to mine on the Kathmandu to Mumbia, India flight. This man was no gentleman. Headphones firmly in place, for the next 20 minutes before take off, he proceeded to “hock up”, and clear out his entire nasal passages… As if it were a non cringe worthy noise he was making.. Like whistling or humming. The sounds that were coming from this man were repulsive. Dude, we can hear you – it’s definitely happening and it sounds awful. The flight attendant strolled through and requested the lady next to me and I turn off our mobile devices. I followed her instructions.. The lady next to me, blatantly did not.. Even after a second request from the cabin crew… Her husband ignored her and she ignored the flight attendants – the circle of life. The husband also began to encroach on my personal space – I wanted to yell, “stay on your side” but he had nodded off and was now busy snoring. 3 hour Mumbai stop over done, and I was on my way to Colombo, Sri Lanka. Flying out of Mumbia, it was Slumdog Millionaire all over… People sorting through masses of garbage and living in the poorest of conditions. As the plane ascended, I saw Mumbai and the smog that covers it, fade away to become unpolluted, blue sky and fairy floss cloud sunset (photo of this in gallery). A couple of hours later, looking out the plane window, into the night, I saw a spray of glitter in the blackness. The lights of Sri Lanka. Finally. Disembarking from the plane in Sri Lanka, and getting through immigration was a breeze (for a change). I was about to enter, “Duty Free” territory, when I looked around, and realised…. I was in a Sri Lankan version of Harvey Norman!! (a store in Australia that sells all house hold goods and appliances). Fridges, dishwashers, ovens, pressure cookers… This was a Suzie Homemakers dream and free-trekking Fequanda’s nightmare. I could just imagine going through customs with white goods.. Customs – “miss do you have anything duty free to declare?”. Me – “no – oh wait – this Westinghouse fridge I couldn’t fit in my handbag”…? It getting late, so I got out of Sri Lankan Harvey Norman, collected my bag, got in a cab and headed to bed.. At my hotel.

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