Sri Lanka – Day 3 – Bike Safari

Sri Lanka – Day 3 – Bike Safari
Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka

Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka

Breakfast buffet damage was minimal (there were no pancakes). I was off the bus as quickly as I got on, stopping down the road at the Polonnaruwa Archeological museum. A man trying to sell maps outside, sported a mullet so luscious, it would make Warwick Cappa weep. It’s was a one of a kind, legion aires hat, made entirely of his hair. Bike riding around and sight seeing the archeological wonders of Polonnaruwa #bikelife. I forfeited a bike with a basket, to have the sweetest ride of the group… A bright orange fold up bike, clearly for a child… I’d say, it was fated to be mine. I won’t get too caught up in the details of this morning but there were Buddhas, temples, a brick stupa and many ruins… it was a biking blur. I was really enjoying riding in a pack… Now I know why bikies do it… As for the cyclists… Still don’t know why they’re so mad keen on lycra. Each to their own. Stopped for a sneaky coconut drink to replenish the electrolytes. Coconut in hand and straw out the top. Organic only. After the ride, I realised, due to my bike having smaller wheels, it meant I was pedalling twice as hard. Suresh said, “If you have buffet – no one can stop you”. Bike riding concluded by midday. The group found relief from the heat by the hotel pool. This afternoon, onto Minneriya National Park to see some wildlife.. in particular, elephants. Interesting fact – How to tell between an Asian elephant and an African elephant? By the size of their ears. African elephants have larger ears due to droughts and infrequent supplies of water – Asian elephants have smaller ears as they have constant supply of water. Sounds similar to a camel…. Are ears to elephants what humps are to camels? What does Tarzan say when he see’s a heard of elephant in the distance? Answer: “Look, a heard of elephants in the distance”. What does Tarzan say when he see’s a heard of elephant in the distance wearing sunglasses? Answer: Nothing – he doesn’t recognise them. There are more jokes our tour guide Suresh told us… I’m sure he tells all his groups the same set of jokes on the way to this elephant/ national park… And he still laughs at them.. Even after telling them for probably the 300th time. He’s a funny guy. Getting into the back of a jeep at Minneriya National Park for a safari #comeonbarbieletssafari – this is already better than Chitwan. There’s 5 of us from our group in one vehicle, the rest in another – all popping our heads out the top, looking like a bunch of meerkats… Just looking around the Sri Lankan wilderness for wildlife. Then we spot a grey trunk.. Attached to a large grey body (you get the picture). This must be why people are buying Jeeps and I totally get it… Top down, wind in my hair, branches hitting me in the face.. I remember the last time I was hanging out the top of a vehicle/sunroof… Similar story.. top down, wind in my hair… I was told, after a female elephant gives birth, it’s baby will stay with her for 5-6 years, before joining the heard. This obstructs any elephant hanky panky for 5-6 years and gives the female a nice break between births… A concept some human females suckling at the baby bonus scheme in Australia should’ve taken on board! Driving around the national park, there were so many elephant sightings. It was great to see them in the wild, not tied up or being used as tourist rides. I was having such as good time, that when a branch hit me in the face, I didn’t even care… I counted it ‘a brush with nature’. It was bumpy, muddy and I loved it. May have taken an elephant selfie… A craze our little group created. Later, we found over 3000 elephant selfie pictures on instagram #elephantselfie – the craze was not started by our safari group. For dinner, we were going to a Sri Lankan cooking demonstration and traditional buffet. No idea where exactly we were in Sri Lanka… bamboo lanterns lined the way to where I’d be gaining my next 1kg. It could’ve been the set of Survivor… The stars were shining in the sky, the smell of kerosene and aeroguard filled the air… Chilli Sambal now burning my mouth #heavenisaplaceonearth.

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