Sri Lanka – Day 4 – Spicy Kandy

Sri Lanka – Day 4 – Spicy Kandy
Melsiripura, Sri Lanka

Melsiripura, Sri Lanka

This morning, Dambulla Cave Temple. The entrance to the temple – A giant gold Buddha and the head of Chinese like dragon. It was a more theme-park-esque type temple. A stair climb to the top to the caves, unveiled paintings to rival and trump the Frescoes seen at Lion Rock fortress. Paintings over every inch of the caves and housing multiple stone statues. Looking at the front of this temple, you’d never know it held such treasures. A visit to a spice garden. Did you know the vanilla bean grows on a vine, and that vine belongs to the orchid family? I didn’t. A passionate spicy Sri Lankan gentleman took the group for a tour through a spice garden, identifying and explaining the spices and plants they come from along with their various uses. From cinnamon to ssssssaff-ron (that’s how this guy talked and pronounced the spices). Fascinating stuff and at the end of the tour, we were given a demonstration with the finished spice products… A face, neck, should and arm massage with various oils and creams. It’s been a while since I’ve had human contact… It was relaxation plus! I had been hypnotised by the hands of a massage therapist (in training) and then taken to buy spice products in a relaxed zombie state. Well played spice garden.. Well played.. I left with a bottle of sandalwood oil. To Kandy Land! Kandy means “mountain” in Sri Lankan. The second biggest City in Sri Lanka, the Kandy district is home to 1.2 million people and tomorrow, I’d find out more about this sweet sounding city.

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