Sri Lanka – Day 9 – Knocking on Heavens Ledge

Sri Lanka – Day 9 – Knocking on Heavens Ledge
Badulla, Sri Lanka

Badulla, Sri Lanka

It’s 5:45am, I’m on a grassy landing outside my hotel room, waiting for the sun to rise over the mountain ranges and the 2 Adams Peaks. You can hear Buddhists chanting, echoing through and up the valley. It won’t be long before the sound of horns and worn out vehicles screeching up the range, interrupt this plateau of peace. The sun peeps up… The hills of haze are alight. This will be known as the sunrise that outlasted my phone battery life… A Brahmana Waterfall stop (medium amount of water trickling down rock face.. not impressive) & a 5 hour Karaoke bus ride…. “Sweet Caroline” may have made the playlist we compiled last night… From the mountains, to the shores of Ahangama, for a 2 night Sri Lankan beach vacay. Wanting to make the most of the afternoon, I hire a bike and brave the local traffic to Weligama (approx 10kms from the hotel). This place smells fishy… And so it should, with the amount of roadside stalls selling an array of fresh (and not fresh) seafood. Crabs, tuna, salmon, prawns, squid, snapper +++ laid out on display to purchase. Surfing and fishing are the bread and butter in Weligama, and the many other seaside towns along the South West Coast of Sri Lanka. The shore has rows of single hull catamarans with wooden outriggers (to non boat folk, it’s essentially a fibreglass canoe & the outrigger is a heavy log attached to the “canoe” with a couple of bowed tree branches… You’ll see the pictures and understand) and coves provide safe haven for fishing boats to anchor in. Sri Lankans also utilise a traditional method of fishing that involves perching on a wooden stilt in the sea and throwing a line out. There’s a group activity planned for 5pm, so I put the pedal to the medal and made a beeline for the hotel… Aka – like a bat out of hell, I rode the rickety bike to within an inch of its chain falling off. Lance Armstrong, eat your heart out. CK out.

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