Sri Lanka – Day 10 – Early bird catches the wave

Sri Lanka – Day 10 – Early bird catches the wave
Koggala, Sri Lanka

Koggala, Sri Lanka

Up and at em…. By 5:30am, on the one day I can sleep in. Seizing the day and grabbing it by the coconuts is what I’m doing lately. Feeling much better this morning and make my way to the beach for a short yogaish workout. Concluding my mini workout, headphones in and music playing, I go for a walk along the temporarily secluded beach. I’m in such an elated mood, I breaking into dance during a few songs… And get caught out by some locals…. Soft sand dance embarrassment. Breakfast, fish market and surfing lessons for some of the group. At the fish market, watching a fish being scaled and gutted, one pommy girl says, “I’ve never seen this, at home we just cook our fish whole.. I didn’t know fish had scales. Why do they have scales? What is the purpose of them? – I directed her to google… Amazed that there would be a 30 something year old, who spends every 8th weekend at a holiday house in Spain and orders fish for dinner, who wasn’t aware, that some fish have scales. This is blowing my mind. On Weligama beach, a few of us girls decided to hire boards and go for a paddle. Total “blue crush” déjàvu movie moment. Half way through the beach break and I’m thinking, “why don’t I do this more often?”. 10 minutes later, I’d finally made it out the back and recall just how hard it is, to get past the beach break. I catch…. then fall off my first wave and also remember how truly rubbish I was, and am, at surfing… Then a mouthful of breakfast comes up with some salt water. Yummy. Shouldn’t swim after eating. Bobbing around on a board, in the ocean, waiting for waves and a Sri Lankan Taj Burrows, black as night, long curly hair with blonde tips, paddles up besides me. He starts singing Lenny Kravitz, “I wonder if I’ll ever see you again” – Whoa buddy. Get your own wave – This ones taken. If I’m being honest, it wasn’t so much surfing, as it was standup white water ocean rafting. A fun morning had by all never the less. Highlight was seeing an Asian guy in the surf with a wind cheater/sheeter and a pair of swimming goggles. If only I got a photo #fashionweekasia The bus drops 5 of the group into the tiny town of Mirissa. I hear music.. Creepy, video game, ring tone music.. It’s an ice cream tuk tuk! I’d broken away from the group and been walking for over 2 hours. Blistering heat, no hat, sweating, sore feet – I’m a hot mess and no stranger to this scenario… Just a different country this time. A young man in a roadside fruit stall says, “hello… Sexy lady… you sexy lady”… Firstly, I know what I look like right now and it’s so far from sexy… two, does that line ever work?.. Another guy, “Ahhh beautiful”.. Feeding me flattery, all the while my thighs are rubbing together at rate that could create a fire and burn their fruit stalls down. Most painful chaffing of my adult life. By now, I’m almost out of Weligama and have declined several tuk tuk’s, advances, and one arranged marriage to a minor.. The hotel is about 10kms away. My Havaianas are wearing thin… as is the pain threshold for my searing thigh chafe. Another tuk tuk pulls up.. I put my pride aside, my toosh in the tuk tuk and haggle a price to the hotel. The road is so close to the ocean, I can feel the salt spray on my skin during parts of the ride back to the hotel. Palms, boats, surf and fun in the sun. I love this place. Afternoon cricket and volleyball – fighting to find wifi – I think I got a total of five minutes wifi access in the past 3 days… So I’m having “technical difficulties” providing up to date blogging. Embracing no wifi and 3 of the best, piña Colada’s to date. There’s even fresh coconut grated into these divine, pineapple morsels. Dinner was a tantalising Sri Lankan buffet including a whole baked fish.. the very fish I watched being scaled and gutted at the market earlier today. Our guide Suresh had organised the entire feast, even arranging dishes that catered to our personal tastes… Like mixed ginger vegetables with no cauliflower, potato or tomato (No idea who would be that fussy). The most thoughtful guide ever!

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