Sri Lanka – Day 11 – Last Night in Lanka

Sri Lanka – Day 11 – Last Night in Lanka
Galle, Sri Lanka

Galle, Sri Lanka

Second early morning in a row – I’m at the beach before 7am. Opted to keep my public dancing to a minimum. A quick visit to a turtle hatchery and refuge. I found out there are 7 different types of turtles and 5 are found in Sri Lanka! (Haven’t googled checked that, so don’t quote me). At this small facility, injured turtles are nursed back to health and they have a breeding program too. Theres an incubating pit with all types of turtle eggs. Once hatched, the babies stay in a holding tank for 2 days, before being released into the ocean, at night, giving them the best chance for survival. The wheels on the bus go round and round, stopping at Galle (pronounced Gorl) famous for its Dutch Forte and home to Sri Lanka’s crown jewel – The cricket stadium. I enjoyed exploring the town of Galle. It has a very boutique feel about it, perhaps due to its Dutch influence. For me, it showcased examples of Sri Lanka’s past and modern artistic influences in higher end setting than a street stall. Galle definitely appealed to my creative side. More bus Karaoke as the group cruise into Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital city. There won’t be time for me to shop tomorrow, so Suresh hands me a piece of paper with the hotel address and I stop, drop and get rolled out of the bus, into the biggest shopping precinct/ frenzy in Colombo – World Market! The markets are busy, bustling and humid as hell as I trawl the Isles for presents and souvenirs for loved ones. There’s a lot of plastic and mass produced clothing, shoes etc but nothing worth gifting so far. I’d momentarily adjusted to the humidity, then the spill out from an airconed shop snaps me back to melt mode. It’s Nelly hot in here. Stumbled upon the Red Mosque (currently under construction) and a Hindu temple. Both are packed between the city buildings like Tetris game blocks. Shopping isn’t going exactly to plan when the sky decides to open up and I get rained in.. Rained into the markets. It’s isn’t easing off either. I’m just going to have to brave the rain. By now, there’s a foot of water over the roads… I practically swam the streets to the bus stop. Local store owners all looking and pointing at my clothed alfresco bathing. A couple of guys even tried to sell me an umbrella… It was too late for that. I would complain but I’m half grateful. I was sweating bullets all afternoon until the rain. This is natures air conditioning. While everyone ran for cover, I decided to walk… It didn’t make a difference and it was one way to clear pathway traffic. So, last night I had Piña Colada’s… And tonight, I got caught in the rain. A bus driver asked where I was going, so I got out the piece of paper with the hotel address on it. It was a tad water logged and fell a part. Sitting on a bus at 7:37pm… The rest of the group are most probably sitting down for the farewell dinner. I’m dripping wet on a bus that has been stationary for the past 20 minutes… I still have my wet wipes… Too bad they’ve been made redundant by my clothing…. And I didn’t even get the gifts I was searching for. (Sorry in advance to all who might be wondering what you’re getting as gifts from my expedition… The blog is it, unless I find something worth getting between my hotel and the airport tomorrow). More people piled on the bus… We were a pack of wet dogs, on a bus, in Colombo. What a wild way to spend my last night in Sri Lanka.

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