D is for Departure, Delays & my next Destination!

D is for Departure, Delays & my next Destination!
Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka

Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka

My last Friday overseas (for now). To my tour group – We’ll always have Sri Lanka, lemon puffs, egg hoppers, arack…. And probably an extra 2-5kgs on our bodies to remind us how “maxed out” we got, at the many buffets. Over an hour drive to the airport, out of the city, off to the side of the highway, a grassy plain opens up to a forest of coconut palms as far as the eye can see. City to surf – This country and its people are bananas about coconuts! Coconut water, coconut milk, coconut treacle, coconut shells, coconut oil, coconut palm fronds and thatching. That reminds me of another food favoured by the Sri Lankans.. Buffalo curd (a kind of a yogurt), topped with coconut treacle. It’s more mild than yoghurt and I’m now partial to a small bowl after dinner or lunch. Funny story, driving back from Worlds End Trail, Dan spotted a buffalo and referred to it as a “curd machine”… It got awkward when I pointed out the Buffaloes male genitalia. Classic Dan. Sri Lanka and its people, have so much to offer and I’d go back again in a heart beat. Thank you Sri Lanka and goodbye for now. It’s onto my next destination…. Get to the airport – flight fail – the eagle is not leaving the nest – repeat, the eagle is not leaving the nest. The ***** at Sri Lankan Airlines “overbooked” the flight, so I won’t be getting to my next destination til the evening and my boat transfer I’d paid for may not be guaranteed due to the later flight.. It gets better… SLA won’t do a thing to rectify or smooth the situation (their mistake) over. There’s no offer to upgrade to business class, to arrange/pay for alternate transfers or accommodation if needed. A couple I met were in the same boat as I was, and were offered a set of free flights to Sri Lanka in the next 12 months!!! All I got was cold buffet dregs and headache for being robbed of half a day in paradise. I’ve already written an email with my complaint and list of demands for compensation. Sri Lankan Airlines is tainting my last overseas Friday. Jerks. 6:50pm TGIF turned into TFIFF (thank f*ck I’m finally flying)… A message on the inflight PA – “On behalf of myself and cap-it-arne Bol-og-nay-zee, I’d like to welcome you on board on flight bla bla bla”…. What kind of captain is named after spaghetti bolognese? On the plane, I get sat next to a giant indigenous man who smelt like a street merchant that’d just played a game of cricket and smoked a pack of darts. As if my experience wasn’t already upsetting enough, my nasal passages were copping it too. The inflight movie, an action, cop with a dollop of raunch film – “Singham”… (Raunch as Bollywood gets… floaty fabrics and sultry extended gazing with Sarees, male hair product and aviators. I’ve included a link so you can get on my level – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nrjnde5f -tc&sns=em ) Terrible plots, stunts and acting aside – Bollywood/ India films are really growing on me. My fury with the flight situation is dying.. Along with my ability to keep my eyes open. It’s not long til landing, but sitting in an airport for 8 hours was such a waste of a day! I’m on a boat. Catch my sea legs like I did lice bites in Lanka – Easily. Being on a boat… Another fond childhood memory/ feeling comes back to me. I’m immediately happy again. Hearing the outboard motor propelling this craft over the water, slicing the ocean swell, like a hot knife through butter. Travelling by boat, in the night, made me automatically assume I was heading to a drug drop off point or going to dump the body of the Sri Lankan Airways manger into the ocean. 12 hours later… A solid nights sleep, a day catching up on blogging and plotting my attack for the final days abroad. Gotta make every, last, holiday minute, count.

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