Sunday Session Maldives Style

Male, Maldives

Cut to – I’m on Kandooma Island, in the South Male Atoll, Maldives. When people ask what I’m doing here and who I’m with, I tell them, “I’m on my own honeymoon”. I wake and open the curtain and my balcony door to the warmest greeting I’ve received on my holiday thus far…. Visually and temperature wise.

Eager to see the island, I stroll onto the Maldivian red carpet – White, crushed, coral sands… paired with palm trees and water so pristine and pretty, it hurts my eyes. The sea is so crystal blue it looks like the Gods tipped turquoise blue food dye in the ocean. It’s a “slap yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming” kind of moment.

Now, let me school you on the Maldives (beyond the sand water and Palm trees). The Republic of Maldives is a group of 26 atolls (coral rings) in the Indian Ocean and features 1192 islands – Uninhibited and inhabited. How do you get there? By boat or sea plane of course.

My island, Kandooma Fushi, is a 45 minute speed boat ride from the capital city, Male and sits between 2 other islands; Guiradhoo, a local island and Cocoa (Makunufushi) a resort island. Kandooma is owned by a wealthy man (go figure) and the neighbouring resort island Cocoa, is owned by his wife. It was given to her as a birthday present. That bar has been raised to a heavenly height, unreachable by… Every guy I know, or am going to know. It’s not a big island but good things come in small packages right? DING DING DING Correct! It’s an area of about 32 acres, with one side of the island protected and the other, on the receiving end of swell aka waves. My two storey villa is on the protected side of the island. The heart of the island harbours the desalination plant and the staff village. It has all the facilities a resort in the Maldives should have but I won’t harp on about those. The accommodation – Every villa is a separate stand alone structure, all facing or built over the water. Outdoor and indoor showers. The indoor shower has dual heads (for couples) and an alfresco feel, designed and constructed with a large wall and ceiling cut outs so you can soak up the moon light while soaping up (no foggy bathroom mirrors). The bed fit for a king. A Miss Cheloena King. It’s like sleeping on a cloud, only the pillows tell you if they’re soft or hard (it’s embroided on the pillow case). The towels, beach and bath, are massive, fluffy and luxurious. Food. Best, breakfast, buffet, of my life. If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll know I’m becoming a bit of an international buffet conisour… If you’ve seen me in the last 2 weeks, you’ll just know I go all the way at the buffet. I’m calling it the big buffet binge 2015 – it’s the next Paleo diet.

Pro – The location and scenery… It overrides all cons. Con – Your face hurts, from smiling so much. It’s impossible not to be happy here. The only people who’d hate it here are the legally blind, the severely sunburnt or Eskimos. Pro/Con – No alcohol on local islands… Obviously the resorts serve alcohol but it’s prohibited to bring alcohol in to the local communities. They are taking #cleanliving to the next level… However, the locals do smoke a lot of cigarettes. Con – There are rules and there are fee’s and I’ve never been a fan of rules. Each island requires you gain permission to enter, from the resort or owner. You don’t wander or paddle places freely as you please. If and when, you get permission to enter another island, you need to find a mode of transport. Boat and jet ski transfers to other islands, don’t, come, cheap.

In the early afternoon, I was booked for snorkelling at turtle point. Any excuse to get on a boat or in the water. The boat takes us Lyki Lee “deep sea baby”. Aquamarine, to sapphire blue, the highest of clarity and the perfect cut. That’s the gem I’m immersing myself in and the very least I can say about the Maldivian waters. Snorkelled on a couple of reefs, stalked a turtle and some fish, pretended I was a mermaid.. Standard Sunday Session.

Back to the island, change into dry clothes and I’m on the boat again for night fishing. I like the nightlife, I like to fish… Even if I do catch more snags than fish (only had to break the line twice). I made friends with a foreign family of 3 on the fishing trip. The father was a funny guy and wore a shirt, with picture of an undone shirt, with a superman S poking through. It was a green light for jokes and many laughs were had between us, his lovely wife, and son, Abraham. They spoke Arabic, live in Kuwait and looked of Middle Easternish decent.. They were warm and friendly like the weather here, great value and even extended me an invitation to their private fishing charter… Too bad it was on my departure day.

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