Island life, is the life for me!

Island life, is the life for me!
Maafushi, Maldives

Maafushi, Maldives

Just like Ushan said, it rained in the middle of the night. The sand indented by raindrops and set like mud mask. The Maldives weather is courteous, raining only when you’re sleeping, not during the day, when you’re on the beach, baking your buns. (Sunshine Coast weather and Livio take note). Sunning and swimming on the beach til lunch and onto a private jet ski island tour in the afternoon with Ahmed, from Water Sports. I get given rules about the jet skiing tour… not to go ahead of Ahmed, to follow instructions etc etc but we all know where those rules ended up… The bottom of the ocean… With the fish I’m going to catch later. I’m keen to hold that throttle flat and get speedy on my ocean chariot 😉 Now, the best way to describe me on this jet ski… Mini Lara Croft Tomb Raider life jacket vest and pigtails. Someone hand me a spear gun and put Brad Pitt on ice. About a 10 minute ride from Kandooma and we’re on the local island of Maafushi. Guest houses galore here, so locals and tourists coexist. I notice there’s a lot of construction underway at Maafushi. Business is about to boom. You’d never guess… I found Diet Pepsi here, in a small shop, of all places! The shop attendant is a Muslim woman and her young daughter is sitting with her at the register. The woman is saying something I can’t understand… Ahmed turns to me and says quietly, “Ahhh ok, you have to put on your clothes now – I don’t mind.. But the mother doesn’t want her daughter being exposed”.. I completely understand, I’m probably not in peak physical form, so I do a kimono cover up. As a little girl, in these temperatures, it must be awful being clothed from head to toe and not yet completely understanding why. Diet Pepsi x 4 – check. To the ski’s for a 15 minute ride to Kuda Finolhu… a perfect little uninhabited island. Me – “hey what’s going ski is limiting out at 42mph?” Ahmed – “Sorry, I forgot to put it back in sports mode”. Ahmed and I beach the ski’s and ourselves, to explore the island. Wouldn’t you know, the water is clearer here than Kandooma or Maafushi! There’s no one to be seen or heard here. A quick swim and ski ride… We approach a secluded sandbank, donning an umbrella and two chairs. Serene, solitude and silence. We get closer and I can see a woman under the umbrella… Ahmed looks back at me to gauge if I still want to stop off… I respond by turning the jet ski 180 degrees and speeding off in the opposite direction. Sandbank fail and bail. There’s one more uninhabited island we visit… I can’t remember the name of it… Ahmed definitely has the faster jet ski and he begrudgingly agrees to swap with me. It’s a fun ride back to the island dodging and getting air off wake of other boats and Ahmed’s ski. A mini watercraft adventure 🙂 I’ve opted to go fishing again this afternoon. Boarding the boat, I assume my position at the wheel (where a C King would be). One of the Maldivian crew asks my name, so I tell him… “I like that name, good name” he says and carries on with the line of questioning.. how old I am, when I’m leaving, where I’m from, and the million dollar question any solo guest doesn’t want to answer…. “Do you have a boyfriend?”. I gesture the cut off head signal. He attempts to delve further – “Have you ever any?”… Whoa! Brainwave! I must be the only single woman on the island… Perhaps in the whole Maldives! I suppose this is a couples and surfing destination. There really aren’t that many fish in the sea. I’m all shiny, unwedded and single. I stop the boat, cut the motor and the crew drop anchor. I get out of my sea throne and make my way to the back of the boat, to cast a line, and catch my dinner. The 21 questions guys calls me over, and hands me a reel – he has already baited and thrown the line out for me… He’s doing for me, what I paid to do… I see what’s going on here, he’s trying to woo me and land himself a mermaid captain, hook line and sinker (and I’m a sinker after the buffets). So I say, “Thank you, but I’d really like to do it myself”. Line baited in the water, waiting for the fish to bite and a boy no older than 7 is seated next to me. His name is William – an English lad. He pulls up his fishing line, looks at the bait on his hook for an extended period of time and says, “definitely not a fish”… Stay in school William, please stay in school. The sun exits the sky. I’m moon baking under the stars, on a fishing boat, for my last night in the Maldives. This is the life. My catch = 3 red, unidentified (not legal in Australia sized) reef fish. The crew were shocked at my “hands on” method for retrieving/ prying the hook from the fish’s mouths…. Or maybe the shock was that I wasn’t letting them to do it for me… My hands did get a tad cut up as a result.. The crew pull up anchor. My over helpful, boat romeo signals to the top deck and points to the moon – I’m sure he’s just being tourist friendly but it’s too much of a romantic scenario, and I politely decline. We have a decent haul for dinner and we take the fish to the restaurant for cleaning and cooking. Back at my villa, taking a shower. I look up at the moon and think – this is the last time I can star gaze whilst showering (unless I start showering with a hose in the yard back in Aus)… Soon, my upper view whilst showering will consist of boring white ceiling with the onset of mould from years of undried condensation. Bummer. At the restaurant, my 3 fish are left whole, beautifully bbq’d and served with a divine salad. However, I end up deboning the majority of them with my mouth. So many bones. Too many bones. Give a dog a bone, give me a nice deboned and cooked fish. Sipping on a Maldivian Mojito when the sassy black pommy couple from my first day turtle point snorkel swing by my table (Gene, a nurse, and her husband, Alex) and remind me of the 2 for one cocktail deal (I’m already well aware of) and recommending the Long Island Ice Tea, telling me it’s “lethal”. Gene also mentions she has a brother living in Brisbane. Small world syndrome almost strikes in the Maldives. As soon as the drink and food passed my lips, a wave of sleepiness washed over me… Like I triple dropped Valium. I cancel dessert, take a piña colada to go, and put my head to bed.

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