Just another Maldive Monday – High on Vitamin D

Just another Maldive Monday – High on Vitamin D
Guraidhoo, Maldives

Guraidhoo, Maldives

Mini workout at the gym and mini workout at the buffet. The Kuwait family from last nights fishing trip are at the Sports and Recreation desk. I say hello and we talk about the big fish we hope to catch and our plans for the day. Then the father asks, “can I take a selfie with you?”. I obliged but that was the last thing I’d ever expect to hear from a 50 something year old father. Hilarious. I hitched a ride with “the fam” to the neighbouring island of Guraidhoo. The resort even organised a resident guide to show me around the island. My guides name was pronounced Es-smile. He spent 3 hours laughing at almost everything that came out of my mouth. Guraidhoo Island has a population of about 1800 people and a high percentage of those are of the Muslim faith. It’s not only what women wear in Muslim culture that’s backwards to me, the language, Dhivehi, is written from right to left.. Backwards. Why am I surprised… There are 2 mosques, a few shops, a kindergarten and a school for grades 1-10. Any higher education is sought and taught in the capital of Male. Much of the garbage here is dealt with by incineration (fire). In 2004, Guraidhoo (and other islands in the Maldives) was hit by a tsunami. Two people lost their lives. A couple of dilapidated buildings remain on the island as a standing reminder of what that beautiful ocean can, and did do. The island chairs are called “Joli Fathi”, a kind of singular, occasional chair/ type hammock (pictures in gallery) and while swinging around in one, I sampled a “water apple”. A shiny, white, bell shaped fruit that tastes like a tarty nashy pear. Yum. A shop keeper even gave me a Maldivian “chocolate” (for free). It looks like a cigar, wrapped in a dried banana leaf and tastes like a healthy, honey, coconut treat… Not at all chocolatey.. Still sweet and delicious. It’s interesting to see islands without the resorts, overwater bungalows and buffets… To walk with the locals, see how they live, what drives them, what they enjoy as there’s a no booze or drugs law (I’m sure you’d find some if you looked hard enough). When I ask, “What’s the best thing about living in the Maldives?”. The answer is always, “the water”. No hesitation or long drawn out answers… It’s that simple… The water. The Maldives radiates happiness and good vibrations #beachboys – That’s the domino effect looking out at this wondrous sea scape everyday is having on me. It’s disgustingly stunning and impossible to be sad here. There’s no way anyone here is on anti depressants! Esmile tells me, “Ushan and my family” are waiting to pick me up at the jetty… HAHAHA He thinks I’m young enough to be little Abrahams big sister! 32-34 degrees – high humidity, it’s boiling hot and if I didn’t have the constant option to swim, I’d be praying for rain… Ushan advises it will rain, but late in the evening. The clock strikes half five as I take a seat on a rock wall at the diving dock area. Fixated on the endless, ocean horizon… This would be my third sunset in Kandooma and the most spectacular one yet. When I was little (littler), I remember being told not to look into the sun and it would blind me… yet here I sit, 20 odd years later, like a deer caught in the headlights… I can’t seem to tear my eyes away from the burning ball of light fading from the sky. It’s mesmerising… A message to Australia – Mum, pack my teddy, kimonos, pepsi max and kindly send to my new address, in the Maldives: PO Box Paradise MALDIVES xxxx

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