Nirvana Maldivana

Nirvana Maldivana
Male, Maldives

Male, Maldives

Warning, the following content may contain course language. Everyone has a preconceived idea about the Maldives, and when you love the idea of something so much, often nothing anyone says can change that idea. In the Maldives, you think you’re seeing the world through rose coloured glasses, until you remove your rose coloured glasses and see this place for what it truly is – paradise and a piña colada for breakfast. At the jetty, the wave chasers (surfers) are loading their boards on a boat, to hunt some swell on the many reef breaks. Second breakfast – the buffet, to say goodbye to the staff, and the food… The glorious food. I’d been talking to the same few staff the past 4 days… I’d built relationships with these people. I know they could cook… and they know I’d eat between 2-4 plates of food, have egg white omelettes and don’t drink tea or coffee. Today, I don’t even do the maximum damage to the buffet, I’m too sad… And too hot. I head to the Sports and Recreation desk to pick up flippers and a mask for my final morning snorkel. Ahmed, my jet ski buddy, greets me with a bro handshake. Ushan, Saami and the family from Kuwait, have just got back from fishing and they’ve got the biggest Wahoo (fish) I’ve seen! My Kuwait family show me the “it was this big” pics and remind me I was invited on the trip (wish I’d known it wasn’t an all dayer, then I would’ve been there for sure). Heading out on the boat for snorkelling to a reef not far from the island. The water is gorgeous – I can’t wait to jump off the boat and get into it… Even if it is for the last time. I’ll miss this. I may need to acquire a boat in Australia… Time has escaped me, snorkelling is over and it’s back to Kandooma. Boats are on their way out, as mine is going in… my “wanna be bf” from last nights fishing trip is on one of them. He spots me, points and waves. I wave back and think, “sorry buddy, this ship has sailed and isn’t currently taking crew members or first mates”. One last wander round the island, one last dip in the ocean aqua, the last luxurious, open roof shower – a combination of sun and water pouring over me. My bag is packed – my mind is not. Leaving here, I’m fighting back the urge to cry and in my mind “don’t dream it’s over” by Crowded House is playing. I don’t want to go. I want to stay with my pals from the water sports and recreation centre. I was the white chocolate in their life and they were the healthier 80% cocoa chocolate I needed in mine. Whyyyyyy. Ushan – the assistant marine biologist, Ahmed my cool dude jet ski side kick, Saami – the keenest and cleverest fisherman of the group – Mannu – the free diving Buddha, who can apparently cook a mean meal. No, I don’t love what the sun is doing to my skin but it’s all about compromise. Forever chasing the Maldivian sun could be deemed as chasing cancer or a bad case of Melasma (skin pigmentation)… I ended up with the latter and honestly, I enjoyed every ray that gave it to me… Lets call it “the sun tattoo”… And hope it reversible. Australia is great. I miss my loved ones and want to see them…. But I’d prefer to see them in the Maldives, where I want to stay. Am sporting an impressive thong tan…. On my feet (the other was already established). The Male airport boat transfer – It took every bit of strength I had to get off that boat (I didn’t want to be the girl that got dragged from the boat by the crew). Looking over the ocean one last time… The theme music in my mind has gone bleaker, James Blunt bleaker… “Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend, you have been the one, you have been the one for me”. Oh Maldives, it’s come to an end, like all good things, but I promise, I’ll never forget you and will visit when funds permit or for my next honeymoon. Inside the Male airport, at passport control, I see the amount of people in line to depart the country. None! Answering my question of, “Who the **** would leave this ocean, paradise?” – No one… Except me… Under duress. Exit Male Airport – Enter Colombo Airport. At a Colombo airport toilet, when I put my hands under the dryer, it reminds of the warm Maldivian breeze I’d get when travelling between my room to the boat or the cool water…. But I’m in a toilet, in Sri Lankan International Airport. It’s 5:30pm… My flight isn’t til 1:10am. It’s going to be another day spent at my least favourite airport.. The one with no sleeping pods or wifi. My body is aching from the hours of jet skiing yesterday. I miss the Maldives.

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