The leg home aka the come down & final reflections

I spend the day flying from Colombo, Sri Lanka to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and finally, into Brisbane, Australia, where I manage to successfully smuggle one extra litre more of duty free alcohol than I’m allowed back into the country #boardersecurity #laracroftlives Walking out into the International arrivals hall, I scan the area for a familiar face. I can’t recognise anyone. My vision is slightly impaired from being awake over 24 hours straight. Then I spot a figure waving… my little sister, and my Mum. It’s great to see them and to have homely hugs. Dishonourable mention to them both for not having any Pepsi Max on hand for my arrival. Outside the airport, it’s bucketing down. Remind me why I left the Maldives? What kind of a welcome home is this Australia!?! As if I didn’t already have enough regret about ending my holiday…

Cut to – It’s Good Friday I wake up and go back to sleep. Wake up again, it’s after midday, walk out of my room at the parentals and into the kitchen. There’s no buffet and no one to make my egg white omelette.. So I don’t even bother with breakfast… Or lunch. I opt for some gardening and chip away at the massive pile of mulch that requires distributing to the gardens #goldenchildjetlag

Haven’t had a real Pepsi Max in over a month. I’m back in the land of plenty and am yet to have a drop of it. The post holiday come down is real…. I’ve got PHD – Post Holiday Depression. Time to plan my next adventure. Reflection and travel advice…. Take photos of everything. You’re never going to say, “I wish I didn’t take that photo”, just like you’re never going to say, “I wish I didn’t go to the Maldives”. Go with the flow and remove all expectations of your destination. Embrace cultural differences to the best of your ability… Food, clothes and language – if you’re spongy enough to retain a new dialect… Alternatively, brush up on your sign language/ charade skills – It helps! A thumbs down means the same thing in every country. It’s a universal “no”. Carry your phone charger and a spare change of clothes (or underwear at the very least) in your carry on luggage. You cannot trust airlines to get your bags to your destination. (If you’re flying Malaysian Airlines, getting your luggage is the least you your concerns…you’ll be lucky if the plane makes it). Take the business card/ address of your hostel or hotel and get lost! It’s the best way to discover and uncover your destination. Get out of your comfort zone, as well as your time zone. You only live once. The time is now!

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