My feet are so itchy (it’s not tinea!)

My feet are so itchy (it’s not tinea!)
Buddina, Australia

Buddina, Australia

Is this what being addicted to ice feels like? (Don’t answer that question) Someone, buy me a plane ticket to somewhere tropical – STAT! Since returning from my travel journey in March, there isn’t a day that has passed, where I haven’t found myself closing my eyes, and imagining I was in another country, travelling again. It’s now winter, and with winter, comes layers… Layers of clothing, layers of pastry, layers upon layers of visions of me, on a beach in Sri Lanka or The Maldives, not sitting in an office, wearing stockings, a coat, and eating soup to stay warm #thisisqueenslandwinter. Home just hasn’t felt like home… Where is home? When I put that question to myself, the first answer was that perhaps, “home” is where the mail gets sent… Although, that’s my parents PO Box… And I don’t reside there (I’ll take that question offline to ponder more). I continue to live in Buddina.. And yet, I’m not really ‘living’…. The pause button has been pressed on my life as I restlessly wait and save, so I can press play, resume life, and set off on my next adventure. ALL CLEAR! Ticket has been purchased for a weeks mini break, winter escape and I can’t wait! If you can’t get enough of my sweet rhyming or have nothing better to do (Yes, I’m talking to the people who are living in temperatures between 0 and 24 degrees with no snow), then keep reading my travel blog… Or be cold, over dressed and bored…. Pining for higher temperatures aka Spring/ Summer.

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