All aboard to Bali

All aboard to Bali
Kota Denpasar, Indonesia

Kota Denpasar, Indonesia

My first and last time in Bali was back in 2010. I spent 3 weeks with my boyfriend at the time and 13 of his male friends. Cut to 6 years later, and I’m returning to the land of the Bintang, for an express holiday. I’m meeting up with my friends, Steffi and Jeffy who’ve been travelling o/s for the last 6 months and a few of their and my new soon to be friends (providing they are not a. **** at life b. arseholes & or c. racist, intolerant or sexist narcissists… I could go on but I think you get the point). Bali is Steffi & Jeffy’s last hoorah, before returning back to the land of Oz. For me, it is my first of many o/s trips, planned for 2016. The check in line indicates my flight is going to be a full one. Adjacent to me is a larger set woman and a short, balding red haired man with their 3 children whom might have been boys dressed as girls or girls with boys haircuts.. One of them said “some people have children, some people don’t have children”. So whilst they were awkwardly unattractive children, at least they’re observant… (I’m a bad person) The plane ride is standard. ****** food, Shaz n her family seated in the row in front of me, getting boozed and prepping for the “Aussie ******* in Bali” convention. Stepping off the plane, the scent of incense and grey water fills my nostrils… I’ve landed. A 45 minute cab ride and I’m at our villa in Canggu. The villa is bigger than the townhouse I live in back in Australia, and it’s all to myself. Highlight, the concrete cast bathtub, sitting alone like a water feature, in the bathroom… And I’m home.

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