Canggu Chilling

Canggu Chilling
Kabupaten Badung, Indonesia

Kabupaten Badung, Indonesia

Selamat Pagi. Walking out of my villa, camera in hand, I hear a person approaching from behind. It’s Jayne, a friend of Steffi’s. Instantly I know, this is going to be a fun few days. Steffi is now awake and we are reunited. It’s time for breakfast at an organic cafe, a short distance from our villa. Eating organic is not only easy in Canggu, it’s cheap. A bottle of turmeric juice will set you back $3 Aus and there is no shortage of organic/ raw cafes and restaurants here. It’s decided early on we’ll be accompanying our duty free booze with lime, mint and soda water. Mojito, mojito 🙂 Max (an American friend of the group), Jayne, Steffi and I scooter around the Canggu countryside, a piece of rice paddy paradise, in search of supplies for the evening ahead. The rest of the crew (Jethro, Josh and Rhys) are busy between surfing and hanging by the pool. I had a terrible headache that I treated with tramadol, extra joss (a Bali pre workout) and alcohol… This resulted in me spending the night with my head in the toilet. Fail. I woke up fresh in the morning and ready to scooter into Seminyak with the girls. Not too long after arriving in Seminyak, the sky opened up… we look as if we’ve ridden our scooters through a car wash. Saturated but still smiling, we didn’t let the rain dampen our day, enjoying the sites, street art, flea markets and all the little treasures Seminyak has to offer. We spend the afternoon watching the sunset near Echo Beach and return to the villa for music, mojitos, pizza and an incredibly competitive game of heads up. The rain really set in and as I downed the 8th slice of pizza, all ambitions of going out were squashed. I welcomed bed with a heavy head and a full stomach. We woke as strangers this morning and tonight, we sleep as friends.

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