Party Sunday, no work Monday

Party Sunday, no work Monday
Kabupaten Badung, Indonesia

Kabupaten Badung, Indonesia

Lazing by the pool, overlooking rice paddies being planted, the sound of scooter horns in the distance… Ahh the serenity. The heat and humidity are high. We head to Betlenut Cafe for breakfast. Word of advice, order “the nutters” smoothie and a “naga bomb” bowl. You won’t be disappointed. The rubbish situation in Bali still hasn’t improved. Whilst everyone seems to be on the organic eating and healthy lifestyle train, Balinese are doing little to address the health of their waterways and environment. There really needs to be action taken in the waste management space. The boys are back from their morning surf and we make a list of supplies required for our Sunday Session pre party. I take the scooter, doubling Jayne, in search of a few finishing touches for our afternoon/ evening. Jayne does comment on my speedy scootering… I now know what it feels like to have a woman’s thighs grip me from behind. As the sun goes down, the drinks and the extra joss are a flowing. Of course we can’t help but enter into another game of heads up that results in the villa owner advising us that he is a member of the Canggu mafia and if we want to party after 11pm, it will cost $2 mil… (yes there’s a mafia and they’ve banned city taxi’s from operating inside Canggu, so you can get to Canggu in a taxi but have to utilise a driver or Canggu taxi to leave). It’s not even 9pm yet so you can gather the level of noise we’re making, for a warning like that to be warranted… We game hard… And drink in moderation.. A short stroll from the villa, we head onto Deus Ex Machina. The place is packed to the brim and the beer garden resembles a rave, with a sea of people from various countries and cultures, all here to party on a Sunday like there’s no work on Monday. Countless watermelon cocktails were consumed and I did a fair share of vigorous dancing before calling it a night/ morning.

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