Ubud, Indonesia

Ubud, Indonesia

Monday was a blur and Tuesday morning we said goodbye to Jayne and the boys… And to Summer. Then there were 3. Steffi, Jeffi and I. It may be the first day of Autumn, but the weather sure isn’t letting on. The day is ours and with an hour of careful navigation/ trial and error/ Bali shuffling on scooters, we made it to Ubud (There was a couple of near crashes which got my adrenaline going and put a smile on my face).. Ubud was just as charming as I remembered. The markets filled with bright colours, paintings, sarongs, trinkets and jewellery. I don’t like shopping, but markets… Markets, I can do… And did do. Art is everywhere here… The streets are canvases. It’s wonderful to see art so entwined, embraced and alive. I love it here! You know how some women say they’d turn gay for Angela Jolie? Well, I’d turn vegan for “Alchemy”. Alchemy, is hands down the best organic, raw, vegan establishment I’ve been to. Just when I think Alchemy can’t get any better, in rides my new BF, a Jesus yogi, wearing what can only be described as a white, hooded Kylie Minogue/ lady Gaga inspired, Catholic priest ensemble. He can part my river!… An hour passes, his hood stays on, and my river runs dry again. After a lengthy lunch at the vegan Versace, it was back to do a quick spot of shopping before heading home to Canggu. The ride home was… Not as fast as we’d hoped. We managed to take a wrong turn… One of the towns we rode through was smoking out the streets, to treat for mosquitos/ the Zika virus. After dinner was a race to the airport. I made it just in time and am happy to advise I’m now the owner of a neck pillow. Hello sensible, adult traveller. Approaching the boarding gate, a flight attendant yells out, “Are you Brisbane?” I nod to indicate yes… “Congratulations, you’re the last one to board the flight”. Okay buddy, settle down. Not long after boarding, I discover my bank card was missing. ****. I spent the next 5.5hrs practicing contortion, trying to find a comfortable position to fall asleep in. God I envy the business class flyers. Looking around the plane, families, women and children with braided and beaded hair, painted nails and everything Bali that screams Kuta… I’m glad I steered clear of there.

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