Out of mind, into Mexico

Out of mind, into Mexico
Ciudad de México, Mexico

Ciudad de México, Mexico

Well, it’s about that time again, where I say, “f@ck the winter” and bail. An almost 14hr flight to LA a 4hr layover and another 2hr flight onto my first destination – Mehicoh, commonly known as Mexico/ Taco/ burrito/ enchilada ariba ariba. On the plane ride, the inflight message stressed to: lay off the booze; stay hydrated; and to stretch/ stroll as often as possible…Not sure if they got the memo, but we’re on a plane, in economy.. not business class. The only thing being stretched is my ability to sit in a confined space for 14 hours. Now to the inflight entertainment… Virgin didn’t bank on my ferocious torrenting, meaning all the movies and TV series on offer, I’d already seen…. Didn’t stop me going back for seconds and watching the new Point Break movie. Note to self: buy a sugar glider suit. Arrive in LA. It smells of a dusty ash tray and boy oh boy, is it fresh! Brrrr. At LAX, lining up for my Mex flight check in and I’ve had my first confirmed sighting of 2 women, sporting butt implants. They’ll forever be known as “the bum bum twins”. It’s the most absurd, unnatural looking body modification on these particular women. A question, when are people going to start strapping on an extra breast implant so they can have 3 tits? Has it already happened? 20 hours + in transit is a long time to consider what a place will be like and also just long enough to become a semi pro Tetris player. It only took a couple of hours to get through Mexico’s customs and boarder security line (no frisking involved). Did see the bum bum twins again and a new eyesore.. A married couple, matching tees – on the front of hers “beauty” on his “beast and the back of his “married 20” and the back of hers “since 16”. Spew. Power spew. I arrived at my hotel in time to get the warning that Victor (Mex tour guide) was giving to the tour group about not doing illegal drugs or engaging in prostitution… I must’ve looked pretty desperate after 24 plus hours of no sleep. Ps. Prescription meds (e.g antibiotics for an infection), are very difficult to get a hold of in Mexico City without a prescription. You’d have better luck getting cocaine.

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