Inbound to Puebla

Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza, Mexico

Today we leave Mexico City and travel to Puebla. On the way, we visit Teotihuaca archaeological site, home to the pyramid of the sun and the moon. I even score a sweet cowboy hat for $150 pesos.. Not the cheapest of purchases.

The drive to Puebla is under a few hours. I watch, as the city morphs from tall buildings to small shacks, one on top of the other, coating the hills like lava and eventually dissipating into fields of cacti countryside. The bus arrives in Puebla and as I enter my hotel room, I realise I’ve left my hat on the bus. ****. Despite attempts to contact the driver I’ve now come to terms that my hat, is gone and like a lost child, it must be replaced.

Puebla is famous for its Mole (pronounced Mo-Lay), a rich sauce made from about 20 ingredients including chilli and chocolate. There are different variations but traditional dark Mole is like a Mexican promite or vegemite. As a sauce, dip or spread, it’s great, but holy mole – a few meals come out and are literally drowned in it!… Safe to say many of us have had our fill of mole for a couple of months.

Tonight, Lucho Libre Wrestling – Wrestling to Mexico is what rugby is to Australia. Victor had told us, in that arena, we can say the most awful dirty things and it doesn’t count, that he’d once heard grandmas say unthinkable things during these events.

Before the wresting match, we stop for a drink at a beautiful bar. Sitting on the rooftop, sipping on a mango margarita, the rim of my glass coated in chilli salt – mu bien.

I realise wrestling is a real family affair, looking over to see a woman breast feeding her infant child. One wrestler is named Maximo sexy, another 1000 guapo (most handsome). They provided a very entertaining and hilarious performance. The costumes, choreography, body slamming, tit slapping, hair pulling, a midget – I’m at the gateway to the gay and lesbian mardigras…. I may now be the owner of a cape and wrestling mask. Ok I’m 100% an owner of a wrestling mask and cape.

Outside the wrestling stadium are food vendors a plenty. It’s diabetes and the reason for Jenny Craig.

Before going to bed I ponder the fate of my hat… It’s probably now with Haviar, the bus driver from Mex to Puebla, being sweat in. I want to fill the hat hole… The hole, that losing that hat, has left me with.

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