Two days in Oaxaca

Oaxaca, Mexico

The next two days are spent roaming free in the streets with my new pal and roommate, Emily. I don’t tell her she’s my pal though in fear of rejection… This woman is as sarcastic as they come and I may have met my match in the tough love stakes. The first place we go is a church, not adorned with lavish gold leaf or crazy architecture. Solid, grand and decaying. On the wall before entering, there are jackets hanging under a sign that in English reads, “If you want to help, leave/put one, if you have need, take one”. Next to the amazing street art, it was the best thing I’d seen.

We drank hot chocolate, ate food, visited art galleries, museums and shopped in all the markets (I only purchased a pair of earrings… So self controlled). At lunch, I tried out my Spanish ordering food. “Perdone donde esta dos tortillas?”. Emily explained that I’d rudely asked: Excuse me! where are the tortillas?…Oppps. My Spanish needs work… a lot of work.

We finished our day bar hopping, testing mojitos & margaritas, until we arrived at a hotel bar, with an enclosed courtyard and incredible 80’s- 90’s music. A classic accompaniment for shit talking, plus that song by Foreigner “I wanna know what love is”. Note, the rim jobs here were sloppy at best… As in the rimming of the glass with salt for the margaritas. ‘Twas a great day of exploring and bonding with Emily. Fun fact, tour guide Victor confessed he is scared of short women, because they’re closer to hell.

The next day, a few of us head to the ruins in Monte Alban. The rest of the group is either hungover, sleeping or have gone elsewhere. Emily and I sit on the on the grass admiring the myan structures, watching the clouds and enjoying the sun. Funny thing about this place is that it wasn’t carefully thought out from a town planning perspective, constructed on the top of a mountain with no water source or other resources near, meant it was impractical to live in and somewhat of a failure. Whoops.

For some reason, we struggled to find the bar from yesterday. After much navigational failure, we found it! Thunder rolls in and Emily and I get stranded in our bar, where the cocktails are getting stronger with each round. So inconvenient… We walk back to the hotel, in the rain and arrive by 6:30pm. Drunk, and inbound to catch the night bus to San Cristobal. Before getting on the bus, Vic, Em, Hugh and I go to a bar close to the bus station. I put away another 2 mojitos in the space of about 10 minutes. I wasn’t alone in my efforts and it did make the bus trip considerably more entertaining. One lady across from us says something about not wanting to cover her mouth and all we can do is laugh profusely. Emily even snorted, it was so amusing, because all we want to do, is cover this ladies mouth, and stop her from talking. We downed our diazepam and got ready for a good nights rest. I did warn Emily, I may throw a leg over her.

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