Melting in Merida

Melting in Merida
Ejido del Centro, Mexico

Ejido del Centro, Mexico

9 hours on a night bus later, I’m in Merida. Merida is not like the other places I’ve been… While its central to travel to some Cenotes and ruins, it’s a hot and steamy town with little appeal to me. The hotel has a pool, so I take full advantage of it in the current heat. “Agatha” comes out today (my cranky persona). I can’t stop thinking about this ring from the market in San Cristobal. The one that got away. I decide to ask Victor to call Monica to see if she can find the ring in the market as I can describe it perfectly and remember where it is…. Vic just laughs at me and then does a rendition of how that conversation would go and pretends his hand is the phone… “Ring, ring, hi Monica, how are you going? You remember that crazy girl who entered your car through the window, yes, yes, she wants you to find a ring in a market, she’s crazy, I know, yes, the one who kept calling you Maria…. Monica? Monica? Oh she hung up”. The Agatha in me is not impressed but I decide to let it go. The one thing going for Merida is a super sexy establishment, “LaNegra”. The drinks come in 1 litre options, for example, sangria & mojitos… Mucho mojito time! Wednesday and Thursday there are 2 for 1 margaritas. A live salsa band ignites the venue, everyone gets into the mood and dances. It makes my life at home seem bland, uncultured and it inspires me to change it or want to change (parts of it). As the drinks come out, free food follows. Popcorn with chilli sauce, pineapple with chilli flakes, tortilla chips and bean dip. The hospitality, vibe and drink sizing is on point.

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