Cenotes, take note

Mérida, Mexico

Woke up, was sick with Mex belly and went for a run. Managed to get lost in the sweaty Merida streets for over 7kms (captured some of it on Strava). I was so delirious, I even ran past the hotel, not realising it was the hotel. Fitness fail.

We’re visiting some cenotes (google them) today. On the way we stop off at a market. I can’t help but notice the pyramid next to it… Vic says, “the pyramid is cute, because it’s small”. Right. Ok…. The Spanish version of “do you want to build a snowman” from the movie Frozen, floats through the air. I’m in hell.

To get to a couple of the cenotes, we drive through towns in the middle of no where, with roads that require well endowed women to wear sports bras. There’s one town, with a sign in Spanish, warning women not to get pregnant before 14 or after 35… (noted). In another town, the circus has set up.. The dengue circus… The not so big, big top is positioned next to a stagnant body of water, and a church… It.looks.bleak.

The first cenote is dark and small. The second cenote we go to is spectacular. There’s a swing some of us use to enter the stunning azul water. It’s kind of magical, the way the light shines through the water to the bottom. If you swim down and look up to the surface, the light beams down like dancing laser beams… it’s an incredible sight and a memory to store away for a darker day.

Lunch is at a kind of Mexican plantation mansion. While we’re waiting for food, my friend Emily is showing me pictures of her cats, Piglet and Money, watching the movie Frozen (questionable)… so I’m showing her a video my boobs, jiggling around, from when they were bigger… for some reason, she isn’t that interested.

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