It’s a whale of a time / O’de to Emily

It's a whale of a time / O'de to Emily
Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

You can do anything in Playa or Cancun, for a price. So it’s $140 USD to hopefully, swim/ see a whale shark. A couple of people are sick on the boat but we successfully stalk, and swim with a whale shark then head to an island (packed with boats and tourists) for ceviche on the beache! Too bad I’m not into ceviche… Maybe one day my taste buds will mature. On the way back to Playa, my roomy Emily gets dropped at the airport. You know those people you meet and after a week, forge a bond to rival your longstanding friendships? That’s Emily to me. I’ll miss her for the following: Telling stories about eating oysters and sipping champagne by the sea for a weekend and saying things like, “oh it was just lovely” in her posh English accent and consequently laughing at that very accent; Speaking even more fluent Spanish when getting drunk; Being a proper lady and yet having a true, deep love of tequila and an enthusiasm for drinking; Putting up with my nudity; and Assisting to try and translate “I have a lady problem”, in Spanish, to a young male chemist, “she has a problem, in the area of women”… Hilarious. I shed a few tears as the mini bus drove away and I watched Emily walk towards the terminal entry. She didn’t look back but I am thankful… Thankful for meeting her, sharing stories, laughs, rants and the “runs”… in sobriety and intoxication, from the hotel room to the night bus, in the sun, humidity and the rain, in English translated to Spanish, in satire and sass, til our Mexican holiday do we part/ did part… I hit the ******* jackpot with Emily and she enriched my Mexico memories and experience beyond what I thought possible. A few of my group have joined another tour, so I will be hijacking their intro dinner tonight. No doubt they will be thrilled to meet me, love me and devastated to learn I will not be joining them.

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