Humid days and Havana nights

Humid days and Havana nights
Jibacoa, Caribbean

Jibacoa, Caribbean

A local guide takes us for a street tour around Old Havana. The buildings have been restored in this area and I soon learn that hanging out in the gutter is popular in certain places where wifi is available. Providing you have sold kidney and purchased a wifi card, you can join groups of Cubans and tourists, perched in a gutter, getting their internet fix. So, along with my mind, my body too, will be hanging out in gutters throughout Havana and the rest of Cuba. The mojitos here are strong, more readily available than water and in some cases, cheaper than water. Besides rum, Cuba is expensive. $1 CUC is equivalent to $1.33 AUD and a standard meal is around $5 CUC ranging from $1.50 CUC for rice and beans to $25 CUC for a more “complex” yet not amazing meal in a restaurant. It’s basic. We went to a Bueno vista social club tribute tonight. It was great and reaffirms, I need to either start dancing or speaking Spanish. The Cubans can move! Number of Mojitos for the day = 6 Bottles of water for the day = 2 Solid bowel movements for the last 8 days = 0

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