See you nexico Mexico! Hola Cuba

See you nexico Mexico! Hola Cuba
Cancun, Mexico

Cancun, Mexico

So after a bigger night than I’d planned, I wake under duress from my many alarms. Vic makes sure I get up and check out on time and very kindly walks me to the bus station, to go to Cancun airport. Tears start to well, but I hold them in like a winner; my Mexico trip is at an end. I say goodbye to Vic and pass out on the bus. I’ve lost sleep, my bank card (no idea how) and my tour pals. Luckily I bought my spare bank card considering I’ve managed to lose one each month since March, I’m surprised this one lasted as long as it did. I ate my final Huevos Rancheros in the airport. See you nexico Mexico! Hung, on a plane, I spend the entire flight asleep on my food tray, then fall asleep for 2 hours on a bench in the Cuban airport, as it takes 1.5 horas for the baggage to come out. So, I lost my bag, found bag and finally made it out of the Cuban airport. I share a taxi with Fionnuala (pronounced Fenula) an Irish girl on my Cuba tour. It’s hot, humid and… It’s not Mexico. Most of the roads in Havana or “Abana” as the locals call it, are in a state of disrepair, much like the majority of the buildings. In one way, it’s sad, and in another, charming, like going back in time… With the addition of rubbish and dog ****. The guesthouse I’m staying in is amazing. The old world detail, the tiles, the rooftop terrace… Sara is my new roommate. She’s a 27yo Swiss hairdresser who is pro nudity. I will call her Emily.

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