Cienfuegos via Santa Clara

Cienfuegos via Santa Clara
Trinidad, Cuba

Trinidad, Cuba

Breakfast is simple yet ample. Olexis says: “Music is the rooster, at any time of the night – get used to it. Bottled water only! So far, only 15 cases of Zika in Cuba – one.five Average wage 16 pesos a month”. Fun facts with Olexis. I got black market wifi for $4 Australian dollars Today is the birthday of Che Guevara, so my visit to the Che Guevara museum was perfectly timed. Olexis provided a lot of insight about Che’s life and Cuban history in general. All Che’s children are still alive and living here in Cuba. It’s a long bus ride from Havana to Cienfuegos. We spent about 12 hours travelling, half of which I was asleep for. I’m so damn tired these days. Our bus driver is a large round Cuban fellow named Lazaru. He’s a real cool cat and has taken a liking to Sara, my roomy, even kissing her hand of a morning before entering the bus. Everywhere we go, it’s hot. Olexis says, “in Cuba, we have a saying – Summer is coming”, like in the Game Of Thrones when they say winter is coming but in Cuba, it’s always summers In Cienfuegos, we walk the streets and head down to the marina. A band is playing a song and Olexis starts singing it. He tells me, the lyrics only say “girl, if I catch you”. I reply, “that sounds desperate”. “You’re killing me” says Olexis. At dinner, “hello, is it me you’re looking for”… “Not unless you’re sweet potato and pollo”, I reply. Long story short about Cienfuegos is that, I went there, stayed at a guesthouse with the cutest Cuban baby boy and left with between 20-30 mosquito bites. One must’ve been in the room over night, so I’m itchy and Agatha right now. Bites range from my eye, neck, thigh, ass cheeks, arms and back. Sleeping naked apparently has its con’s.

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