Trying out Trinidad

Trying out Trinidad
Trinidad, Cuba

Trinidad, Cuba

Under 2 hours away, I arrive in Trinidad. It has stone streets and so far, it’s my favourite place in Cuba. The vibe and surroundings are more to my liking. Perhaps it’s the Afro Cuban Voodoo I can feel in the air or that the people are more friendly? One thing I can say is that Trinidad has the best food this far too, which isn’t *********sidering Cuba is last on a foodies list of destinations (Mojitos exempt). What’s not so great, is one guy on the trip who is harmless, but a ****** none the less. He’s constantly talking about himself, where he’s been, that he knows Sophie Ellis Bexter and how he has 4 cars (including an Audi TT and a Mercedes SLK convertible) one for each of his 2 cats he says… Note he is an accountant, so 2 cats and 4 cars doesn’t add up. I don’t have the heart to tell him or the energy to bother engaging and debating with him but my goodness, he talks some ****… That statement coming from me means it’s bad. “Two thousand and something people wished me happy birthday on Facebook”, he said… Not sure why he feels the need to vomit these things out. None the less, I know he’s not a bad person, just not my kind of person. There’s always one on each trip (Mexico was that crazy lady who is now in Cuba that I ran away from in Havana). The evening dinner is pescado (fish – red snapper) and entertainment is watching Cubano salsa under the stars and the half moon. This is a lovely place… I still prefer San Cristobal but I’m here, and Trinidad is now.

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