Trekking in Trinidad

Trekking in Trinidad
Trinidad, Cuba

Trinidad, Cuba

Today I’m trekking to Salto de Javira. Now the term “trekking”, turned out to be a blatant exaggeration… It’s a bush walk at best (can’t believe I wore a sports bra for this). Another girl, Michelle, and I go ahead of the group, as I can’t handle the slower pace of others (bless them) and want to work off my dessert from last night. We saw a snake and a giant rock face/ cliff covered in wasps! Approximately 30 minutes walking and we’ve reached the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow; a waterfall. The water is the perfect temperature, not ice cold like other natural water sources usually are. No one is here, so I change into my bikini and get in. Then I discover there is a place you can jump from (it’s only around 9-10 meters high). I jump from there twice. Behind the waterfall is a “bat cave”. Half an hour later, the group are yet to catch up. This is not surprising as tour guide Olexis is in thongs. More time passes and the rest of the group has caught up. Most brave the water. Olexis, Michelle and I run half the track back, and walk the end, before piling into the bus and going to the beach where the rest of the group are. It’s hot, yet overcast. The warm ocean water is just the ticket after the little bush walk. The next thing you know, I’m on the beach, 4 mojitos deep and have a bit of a buzz on #holidaymode

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