Trinidad, what a beach

Trinidad, what a beach
Trinidad, Caribbean

Trinidad, Caribbean

Nothing says good morning like a jellyfish sting. You guessed it, I’m at the beach again. It’s nothing impressive when compared to the beaches at home but if I close my eyes, it’s feels like the Coast summer, hot, salty and sandy… All the others have gone snorkelling, allowing me to enjoy some solitude, sunshine and bun baking. Back to our guest house, then from 1pm onwards, I get lost and found in the streets of Trinidad. At 4:45pm, the group meets for an informal salsa lesson. Held in an open, unairconditioned courtyard, it was a sweaty affair. I didn’t feel quite right about dancing salsa with another woman’s perspiring life partner. Luckily I was a natural and got paired with the female instructor for the remainder of the lesson. One lady on tour said, “so you’ve done salsa before, you had the hip moves”. I responded, “oh no, I’ve just done a lot of dirty dancing”… These poor, poor, people haha. After the lesson, we head to the bar, “Floridita”, for a drink. I don’t bother drinking but one guy asks Fenula and I if we want a beer. I tell him I don’t drink beer but Fenula provides an accurate Irish response, “oh yes, I drink beer, I’ll drink practically anything”. Bless her and her Irish accent. For dinner, a few girls and I go to San Jose. The best value for money restaurant in Trinidad or maybe even Cuba. Between four girls on the tour (myself included), we’ve voted it “best baño (bathroom) de Cuba 2016″… I also added the slogan, “You’ll go all the way, in San Jose”… Yes, I was food drunk and have earned myself a reputation of being a “marathon eater” for my size.

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