A day in Camagüey

A day in Camagüey
Camaguey, Caribbean

Camaguey, Caribbean

Fuelled by 5 hours sleep and dos desserts ayer anoche, I get up early and go for a run. Humidity is already closing in. Just over 6kms and I don’t get lost like in Mexico… I can’t get lost. In the room, whilst most are carefully decorated and adorable, the air conditioning unit here is so loud, I need ear plugs and the pillows are like cottage cheese clouds. Lumpy, and not great for spooning or laying on. I wouldn’t say I’m complaining about these points, just making observations. Another observation, while walking home from dinner with Sara and Olexis last night, I noticed many women going out on the town, are dressed like… Strippers. I feel overdressed and there’s no way I can’t go out. Olexis asks why and I respond, “I left my slut clothes at home”. To be honest, my “slut clothes” got culled after 20. He is very amused by this comment. The Cuban men all stare and holler at you as if you were dressed like a hooker though. It’s Father’s Day in Cuba today. The group does a bike taxi city tour. The highlight was stopping at the gallery of Cuban artist Martha Jimenez. Really feminine and symbolic work that I could relate to (except most of her subjects are voluptuous women). I spent $30 CUC buying a limited print of hers (7 of 150) called “El Viage”. Translated in English, it means, “The Journey”. Besides the few art galleries here, the only other pro for Camagüey, is that there are more WiFi areas I can use these expensive internet cards in.

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