Camagüey to Santiago De Cuba

Camagüey to Santiago De Cuba
Victoria de las Tunas, Caribbean

Victoria de las Tunas, Caribbean

The entire day is spent travelling on a bus from Camagüey to Santiago De Cuba. So more fun facts with Olexis. Olexis says Cubans aren’t allowed on boats, as they have a tendency to ahhhh… go to America… illegally. The last time a Cuban received the death penalty was in 2003, because they hijacked a Ferry, to immigrate to America. They didn’t make it and now, as a security measure, the ferry is never fully refuelled. The drive to Santiago is long but bearable. I spend most of the time drawing, despite the road being bumpy. Looking out the bus window at one stage of the journey, I see a cemetery, next to a corn field. Olexis has given the group a warning about a few things in Santiago de Cuba: Earthquakes Crime Casa rooms being small Air conditioning potentially not working; & In winter it’s 37 degrees and it’s currently summer.. Our room is a good size… the bedding is satin pink and has me feeling like a 6 year old princess… The aircon is quieter than any casa so far, I’m yet to be mugged and a potential storm and lightning show in the evening ensures the temperature drops. All in all, I like this city. Dinner is served at the base casa rooftop terrace. From here, we have a view to the dance studio across the road (also an open aired rooftop). You know when you watch a dance movie and it makes you want to be a professional dancer… For me, watching these dancers is the equivalent to watching a Latin version of “Dirty Dancing”. I want to be on the other end of Cuban Patrick Swayze. Sigh.

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