Victoria de las Tunas, Caribbean

Victoria de las Tunas, Caribbean

This mornings run only lasted 4.3kms. The tour to the cemetery & barracks lasts a lifetime. It’s too much history and not enough action. The one place I did like was castle El Morro, perched on the salty cliffs at the entrance of Santiago Bay. Finally, some ocean air and stairs to climb! 4pm rolls around and I’ve got a salsa lesson. 1,2,3…5,6,7. It’s one of the best hours I’ve had in Cuba. Alejandro was my dance partner and he lead like a pro. By the end of the lesson, I was well and truly salsa’d. Good luck to me trying to retain any of the moves. In the evening, we go out. Sara and I have now discovered a way to hinder the hollering men – we hold hands and pretend to be lesbians. There’s a NZ couple who ask every band we encounter to play, “Guantanamera”… At home, they’d be the kind of people who request venues to play Daryl Braithwaithe’s “Horses”… Cringe. The first place we go to has an incredible band with possibly the coolest violinist on the planet; Alix. Alix is skinny, has large black rimmed glasses and looks like Steve Ercle from the TV show “family matters”. Later that evening, with a few mojitos under my belt, I learned he’s also a great dancer! I really need to practice my Cubana Salsa. Olexis rocks up in a singlet and the bouncer won’t let him in. He’s about my size, maybe smaller, so the practical problem solver goes outside and suggests a swap. I take my shirt off, Olexis takes his singlet off and the problem is solved. The group raise their glasses and salute me like a… Cuban hero?

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