Hola Hump day – onto Baracoa

Hola Hump day – onto Baracoa
Santiago de Cuba, Caribbean

Santiago de Cuba, Caribbean

The group seem surprised I don’t have a hangover as I hop on the bus… What’s surprising is that I have 4 massive new bites on my arm and neck that are extremely swollen and sore. I’ve now tried drinking the tap water, to test the water quality and also to expedite an “inner cleanse”. So far, nothing. Oh no, we’re going to Guantanamo… On the way to Baracoa. It’s only a look out to Guantanamo and a bit of a non shalom. Lunch is 2 hours at the beach, bathing in the Caribbean. No food required. Part of the road salsas the coast line of Caribbean Sea. The water is a beautiful, deep rich blue. It caresses the arid calcium cliffs, providing a lovely colour contrast. The road soon leads away from the ocean and winds into the mountains. Baracoa is small and still rebuilding from a massive cyclones in 2008 and 2011 but it’s by the water and the countryside that surrounds it has lashings of coconut trees so I already like it. Our casa here is…. I can break into it, so security is non existent. Baracoa is famous for its coconut and cocoa production so I’m looking forward to tasting what this town has to offer.

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