Whoa Baracoa – 1.5 days

Whoa Baracoa – 1.5 days
Baracoa, Caribbean

Baracoa, Caribbean

I had planned to climb El Yunque yesterday but no one else turned up to do it and they wouldn’t take me alone so, I ended up on a day trip to Humbolt Park. Ahhh El Yunque – The mountain that didn’t get mounted. I only complained about this for… I’m still complaining about it. Humbolt park was nice enough… A pretty leisurely bush walk, a nice waterfall to jump off and some flora and fauna information from Danni “That the mimosa – if you touch it the wrong way, it will close – like a woman”… Cuban horticultural insights by Dani. Baracoa! In summary, the small town that packs a punch. A base to get to many natural wonders and at night, it comes alive. Having a Cuban man dance with you like they’re making love, running their hands over your perspiring skin (not being put off by that) and singing Spanish lyrics into your ear… It’s caliente! These Cubana Casanova’s are a hoard of seducers, looking at you like a chef does a perfect cut of meat… they can’t wait to tenderise, baste and coat you in Cuban spice before devouring your blanca flesh. In one way, it’s flattering to be the object of their affection and attention (I can see how women get swept up in it) but the fact is that these men use the same lines, moves and dances on thousands of tourists each year. Most have children or are divorced. I’m unsure if they have have any desire to be faithful or if they fall out of love like many couples? It does make me grateful to not be with a man who would think I’m perhaps an entree, and not the main course and would happily jump from one girl to the next. To provide some perspective about how many women these men would “court”, 2 million people have already visited Cuba in 2016 and it’s only June! Tourism is Cuba’s main industry and source of income. This morning, I ran along the Malecon before breakfast and said goodbye to Baracoa… Breakfast was not good and before I could return from my room to finish it, the cat from across the road was already helping herself to it. Our airport transfer was…. Let’s just say I now know how it feels to travel in what is essentially, a vehicle to transport livestock. I do enjoy no seat belts so this style of transport suits me. I can say Baracoa is my favourite place in Cuba, next to Trinidad and Santiago De Cuba. Some great memories and places visited. I’m sad to be flying back to Havana as I write this. It’s the final evening for most people on tour except myself, Norma and David. Norma and David, are in their 60’s, English born, living in Australia are just the sweetest couple you’ll ever meet. They share 2 children and a long, deep love and respect for each other, the kind that sells the dream of falling in love and growing old together. Even to this day, Norma openly comments of her appreciation of David’s cute bottom and the two of them can often be seen hand in hand, exchanging a sneaky kiss or cuddle.

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