Habana hold over & onto slipping into Saroa

Habana hold over & onto slipping into Saroa
La Habana, Cuba

La Habana, Cuba

This time my Habana experience is a lot better. Street art, street walking and finding my groove in the capital of Cuba. I stayed with Sara instead of going to my new casa with my new room mate. I will miss my little soft skinned, Swiss chocolate friend and the funny things she says in her Swiss German accent. Like the time I had two small curls on either side of my head due to the humidity (I call them devil horns) and Sara said, “Oh you look so cute, like a sheep” or when she spoke about (kids look away and parents cover your eyes) anal sex, and in her strong accent, referred to it as “ass f#@king”, declaring, “this is not something I want in my life”. Agreed. Hilarious. Leaving Havana to go to Saroa today, I finally meet my new group. Mainly all Australians but the females, Raquel and Andrea, are born in Mexico and Brazil. Plenty of Spanish speaking tour mates. My roommate Nicole is a cute little Mexican girl too, 20 years old and from Mexico City. I get a surprise when our previous bus driver Lazaro joins us again. I’m very happy to see his grande chocolate smiling self. The new group do a walking tour around old Habana so I skip that. I run into Sara at the wifi spot and she says, “I saw the new group, they’re very high” (as in they’re tall). On the bus ride to Saroa, we stop at a couple of interesting places before rolling into Saroa with thunder, lightning and rain accompanying us. If it rains in Cuba, people can go home. If it rains in the morning on a work day in Cuba, you don’t go to work. I think back to all those rainy mornings when I would’ve loved to just sleep in, listen to the rain and drink some hot chocolate in bed. If I moved to Cuba, this could be my reality.

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