Saroa secrets

Saroa secrets
Soroa, Caribbean

Soroa, Caribbean

When the rain ceased yesterday afternoon, I went for a run. When I woke, I went for a run. It’s peaceful in Saroa and there is a coolness in the air before the humidity really hits. Saroa is a combination of rainforest, hills and not a lot else. There’s no wifi spots, no shops, very few cars and very few roads. It reminded me of a less populated Dulong Range (on the Sunshine Coast) and therefore, I felt at ease, relaxed and enjoyed the serenity and simplicity of this place. Today, we visit the Saroa Orchid Garden. It’s filled with various varieties of orchids ranging from species that smell of jasmine to chocolate. I do love horticulture. I learned the Mariposa blanca (national flower of Cuba) that smells like a jasmine and frangipani combined was used to conceal messages during the revolution. Cubans wrote on small pieces of paper, rolled them up and placed the notes in the long stem of the Mariposa Blanca flower. Necessity is the mother of invention and if that’s the case, Cuba is the God of invention. Next stop is La Terraza another place that is super small but lacks charm and is not overly interesting. I took a boat out on the lake, rowed the length of it and came back. This involved manoeuvring a boat with oars that were tied on with rope and fighting off the advances of the resident lake lifeguard to row with me and then swim with me etc. I may not speak much Spanish but I know exactly what he was saying, so my favourite phrase, “NO GRACIAS” was popular that afternoon. It’s really a very polite way of saying **** off. I may start using it in Australia. This is my last evening with the new group. I spend some time with Lazuro playing dominos. I feel like a kid again.

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