Adios y Viva la Cuba!

Adios y Viva la Cuba!
La Habana, Cuba

La Habana, Cuba

My time in Cuba is at an end. So, some thoughts about Cuba… Boil during the day and sizzle at night, tearing up the dance floors of local establishments with the many willing and able Cuban men (if that’s your caper). Ply yourself with enough mojitos (you don’t need many, they’re strong) that you too believe your dancing isn’t that bad in comparison to the residents of a country that live and breathe salsa/ dance. Culture fail Australia. There’s a sad side. The Cuba we see, is the result of years of suffering and hunger. We, tourists, see the novelty of an old world. Olexis says the Cuban people are eager to have something, because they have nothing. From the inside, tourism and the lifting of the embargo is something Cubans are looking forward to; to have access to something/ anything and everything that they were previously not able to access. From the outside, the lifting of the embargo has created a sense of urgency, for the world to see Cuba, the way it is now, before it changes, before America taints it. Cubans and Mexicans eat mangoes like apples.. Messy apples. The most important vitamin in Cuba, is vitamin R (Ron or Rum). Even I’ve started to get my vitamin R intake up. I’ll miss the salsa, the heat, the mojitos, the old cars, the old buildings, the music and a simpler way of life that Cuba provides. It takes so little for Cubans to be happy. I will not miss: Having to buy wifi cards; Eat white bread everyday (yes I got fat); The hollering/ kissing men; or The smell of grey water in the cities. Hasta la vista Cuba, I’ll be back someday and in the meantime, I’ll be drinking mojitos everywhere else, like a Cubana Queen (no change there… Friends at home know this is how I roll). Havana to Panama to Guatemala and onto Antigua. Hello New Mexico adventure.

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