Slipping out of Saroa

Slipping out of Saroa
Havana, Caribbean

Havana, Caribbean

Despite drinking ron last night, not setting an alarm and utilising my ear plugs, I wake before 7am. So, I hit the road running before hitting the road rolling. It’s 9am I’m heading back to Havana, for my morning flight tomorrow. I start to tear up as I say goodbye to Lazuro, Olexis, Dave and Norma. I’m no better at holding it together for goodbyes than my last tour… Choking up as I write this, thinking back to the farewell. I get a sweet ride (orange car in the pictures) back to Havana with a taxi driver who speaks no English, but plays Spanish music, Rihanna and a Justin Bieber song that I’ve learned to like (yes, I’ve gone off the deep end and I’m ashamed of it). Back in Hababa, I comb the city for cigars and to explore some more. Really enjoying being solo again and not following a group and being the master of my travel time. I’m covered in bites again, including my ear neck and face… Mosquitos are relentless here. F*cking relentless and the Cuba insect repellant clearly isn’t working.. Hola Zika! I’ve been told there is a black market in Cuba… similar to what Silk Road was before being shut down. On the Cuban black market, you can get anything. How? Well, through the Internet… only you go via a “backdoor tunnel”. Instruction as follows:; & Find what you want. I don’t have the time or the wifi in Cuba to validate this information but found it interesting. During my final wifi session tonight, some guy approaches me, asks if I want to salsa etc, I decline and then he gives me a kiss on one cheek as farewell, then tells me it’s Cuban to kiss both cheeks and tries to plant one on the lips instead of the other cheek… Real smooth Juan. As Irish Fionnuala and I would say, “BOY, NO!”. I miss her accent and the funny things she’d say. Like that one time at a salsa class when she asked if she could “try” our water. Note to self, find Irish friend in Australia. Less than 10 hours and I’ll be on a flight out of Cuba, to Guatemala. Too bad I have to get up and be ready by 5am.

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