Guat’s up Guatemala

Guat’s up Guatemala
Sancti Spiritus, Caribbean

Sancti Spiritus, Caribbean

I’ll tell you what’s up! Me, at 4:30am in the morning, for a riveting 8 hour mini van ride to Rio Dulce. I’ve been bitten near my eye overnight, so the right side of my face is a tad swollen – I look like a Zika baby mumma. The mini van ride provides time to bond with another couple on my tour Edwina (AUS) and Geoff (Brit) who reside in Vancouver. The other 3 keep to themselves. So far, there’s been a drive through mango stop and a $5 Quetzal bet for when we arrive in Rio Dulce. We get to Rio Dulce in record time, and witness a full brass band playing Adele’s “other side”. First impressions count. One pina colada and we are taken by boat, to our hotel. The bungalow/ hotel is simple and amazing, with a view out into lush rainforest settling. To top it off, a thatched roof, decorative fan (at its highest setting, it struggled to provide any airflow) and a rock hard mattress. The evening consisted of pina coladas, presidents and arseholes (card game) and then waking to rain in the morning. My body clock is all out and I’m not able to currently sleep past 6am. Today we’re hitting the water and going to a place that nearly doesn’t exist – Livingston. To get there, we travel up the Rio Dulce River and make one stop at some caves and for a swim in a thermal Spring. The sulphur in the water turns everything silver to gold. Livingston is located on the shores of the Caribbean, can be navigated in less that 30 minutes and has a real Jamaican feel. We have lunch there. It only takes 1.5 hours to get served. Island time is King. Another evening is spent drinking pina coladas and not getting caught in the rain but watching a lighting storm roll in over the water. It’s peaceful here but unless you own a decent boat, it’s not somewhere I’d like to live as mosquitos are rife. There’s two couples, one older lady and the tour guide so I don’t really fit anywhere… Not that I ever really do but it’s becoming more obvious to me at this point. Tomorrow we leave for Flores.

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