Flooring it to Flores

Flooring it to Flores
El Remate, Guatemala

El Remate, Guatemala

Tikal archeological site. I’m told this would be active and require 4 hours walking. Snail active. It’s about 5 minutes in and I’m bored as the groups and guides pace is slow and my interest in listening about history is nil. I just want to trek and explore this place at pace. I see two Mexican guys that were on my volcano climbing tour in Antigua. They greet me with kisses and handshakes, offering me a lift to some other part of Central America… I declined due to being on a tour. It was good to see some “semi familiar” faces. Feeling very lonely today and potentially pre menstrual. God, this has gone from a blog to a diary. Apologies. My impatience during Tikal has unfortunately landed me in trouble with the group, not being able to locate each other at the end of the guided tour and the guide having to come and find me. Whoops. Onto Flores. The accommodation and location is impressive. Great street food in this little town too. For dinner, I eat tostadas on the steps, by the water of Lake Peten, with everyone else who knows what’s good for them, watching the sunset through the clouds and then a lightningo show. Later that evening, a guy tries to pull some moves and touches my leg. “No, no, no, no”, I say. He replies, “no what?” as in to say he has no idea what he’s doing. I respond, “NO, GRACIAS”. Manners are important and I turning into a real lady.

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