Caye Caulker

Caye Caulker
San Pedro, Belize

San Pedro, Belize

The day starts with a run around the town of San Ignacio and melts into a bus ride to Belize City. Waiting for the bus, the sky opens and pours out. The others get their umbrellas out and huddle next to their partners. Me being the single traveller and not having one of those handy travel accessories (a bf) on the trip, I don’t bother to move to shelter, instead, I stand on the side of the road, 18kg backpack on and accept my wet fate. In the building behind me, a song floats into my ear drums, “rain drops keep falling on my head”. I smile. The local bus pulls up and our 2 hour ride into Belize City commences. From Belize City, we take a water taxi, aka a boat, to the tropical island of Caye Caulker. It’s blistering hot and humid as we pace the whole 3 streets Caye Caulker has for 30 minutes, looking for our hotel. Honey, I’m home. A hard earned thirst, deserves a coconut mojito and a dip in the Caribbean Sea. The Lazy Lizard at the Northern point of the island provides the option for both. There’s a small island across a channel with a platform perched in the branches of a tree where people jump from… No guessing who was first to swim the channel, climb the tree and jump. It was small but satisfying. The songs you think died in the 90’s and 00’s didn’t, they just went to Caye Caulker to live – Shaggy, Mario, Rihanna, Mambo number 5; cheesy Caribbean tunes in the glorious Caribbean Sea. Dinner is by the ocean, at Frannies grill. Frannie does a mean jerked chicken, serves unlimited rum punch and dessert, all for $25 BZ. While walking at pace down the silt streets, a rasta man says (apply a Jamaican accent), “Girl, why you walking so fast, you gonna get a speeding ticket – go slow”… The island has a real laid back feel, and the residents share and promote this way of life.

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