Tulum, Mexico

Swimming in the piscina (pool) at the hotel in Tulum is like taking a warm, chlorinated bath. The room is good… aircon, two beds and the shower provided a constant dribble of water, similar to that seen in creeks when they are about to dry up. I had trouble distinguishing the difference between the cold and hot tap. While one said “h” and the other said “c”, both were cold. There was a completely logical explanation for this – all the hot water that wasn’t coming out of the shower head, was going to the “heated” pool. Breakfast at Co.Con Amor, a vegan cafe, had me feeling human again and not so sluggish. A carrot, apple and ginger juice paired with some coconut flower waffles, banana vegan ice cream and steamed green apple dusted with cinnamon. Perfecto! A bike ride down a highway with no dwellings or shops, had me feeling like I was illegally crossing the Mexican border, on a bicycle, with a basket… The fact I rode past a police checkpoint also added to this feeling. I rode what felt could’ve been 20km’s to the Gran Cenote and after shedding my body weight in sweat, relished the refreshing, icy water of the cenotes. After another considerable amount of bike riding, I stopped off at a secluded beach that had areas sectioned off for turtle nests. Floating around in the Caribbean again was like seeing an old friend. Later, I met up with the rest of the group at Ziggy’s Beach and spent the afternoon colouring mandalas with Victor and Jeff on the beach, in the shade of a coconut palm… Feeling all childlike. Dinner at Papaya Playa… What can I say… The waves, the salty breeze, the stars, the dim light playing in the palm fronds and the chilled out music. The vibe and a prime position, plus a killer menu, left me swept up and loved up. I really know how to treat me #honeymooningforone.

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