The best mojito in Mex + playing it safe in Playa

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Biking back to the Cenotes this morning, to the hotel for a quick bag pack and checkout, then to the streets for a food hunt. Unidentified meat was the crowd favourite taco filling at the most authentic taco place we could find in Tulum. For 3 tacos and a drink, it cost $80 pesos. Batey Mojito & Guarapo Bar. I could live and die here. The mojitos are reminiscent of, if not better than Cuba’s, and the Italian born owner Gabriel, is a more than gracious host, even bringing out a shot of tequila with our bill. The mojitos are made with sugarcane juice, instead of sugar. The sugar cane is hand pressed on site, in a custom painted VW beetle, out front of the restaurant. The mojito menu is even paired with a food menu, absolving the exhausting decision of choosing what to eat and drink… If you’ve had too much to drink to be decisive (not me, ever…). You can deviate from the food pairing and also choose the type of rum you prefer in your mojito (if you don’t trust their judgement). Besides amazing mojitos, I can testify their pina coladas are top notch (yes I got a roady before departing for Playa Del Carmen). Ahhh Playa Del Carmen, the tourist pit before the mother of all tourist pits.. Cancun. Gross. I have one night here in Playa before my journey back to Australia tomorrow. Honourable mention to Lizzy, a 75 year old woman who lost her passport and wasn’t able to join the group until last night because of that fact. Before Lizzy arrived, we named her Margret and still, we call her Margret. So far Lizzy has ordered drinks and cabs knowing she had no peso’s to pay, has gotten drunk, walked into a wall, tried to open her room door with a key chain instead of a key, told tales of her many bf’s (last of whom died and her comment was, “I’m happy, it was his time to go”). Lizzy now intends on, “throwing her umbrella out”, to see what she can find. Lizzy is a bit of a worry but hilarious. I hope I’m still going, travelling and really living without fear by the time I’m 75… Perhaps that’s a tad ambitious.

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